Grey’s Anatomy 7.14 “Pretty Young Thing” Review

It was your regular run of the mill Grey’s Anatomy last night with some interesting developments and not as much love as I initially anticipated for a Valentine’s Day episode.

That being said, it was enjoyable but not overly enthralling.

[singlepic id=9987 w=320 h=240 float=left]Mark and Lexie are still not speaking because of the elephant in the room or should I say the baby in Callie’s stomach. After hearing that Lexie is ‘ok’from Avery, Mark wants to find out just how upset she is and puts Jackson ‘Green Eyes’Avery on the case in exchange for taking the lead on a surgery.

McSteamy advises Avery to use the peanut butter cup method to get Lexie to open up and while it works, we see a sparkle in Avery’s eyes as he chats up the youngest Grey and he lies to Mark about his results. McSteamy better watch out as it looks like McGreeny is on the prowl. An interesting and exciting development for the character.

The Mark/Arizona/Callie dynamic was entertaining tonight as Mark and Arizona tried to prevent Callie from drinking coffee as to not harm the baby. However, thanks to Callie’s ‘extra special vagina vote” and the baby’s vote, she decides she is going to win this battle every time. I say, good for her!

Meanwhile Alex and new OB-GYN Lucy Fields have a run in regarding a patient whose unborn baby needs a heart transplant. Their initial run-in isn’t successful as Alex puts his foot in his mouth with an offensive comment but after spending time watching the surgery with him in the gallery and seeing him interact with the family, it looks like her feelings might have changed.

Meredith is forced to choose between two groundbreaking clinical trials. Already a part of her husband’s Alzheimer’s study, the chief presents her with a study on Type 1 Diabetes that her mother started. This storyline did not do much to advance the plot las night as Meredith stuck by her husband but it did allow for a little light to be shown on Ellis’Grey’s work and the difference in relationships she had with her mother vs. the Chief.

As we’re talking about her mother, it also made more sense that Meredith and Lexie’s father, Thatcher was in the picture during this episode. Currently dating a 20 year old ‘tatted up skank’as Lexie reffered to her, he was having some complications with his previous surgery. As it seems everything is going to be fine for Thatch, there wasn’t much point to him being around except to throw another wrench at Lexie. The girl has been dealing with some serious issues lately.

If she’s starting a new relationship with Avery as this episode hinted, Lexie is really getting around the staff at Seattle Grace. She has gone from Mark to Alex to Mark and now to Avery. If this pattern proves correct, seems to me she’ll be back with Mark by the end of the season.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Quips of the Night

  • “That face, better than a hundred billboards my man’— Mark re: Avery
  • ‘It’s Sophie’s choice.’— Cristina re: Meredith picking between the Alzheimer’s and Diabetes clinical trials
  • ‘I’ll also get an extra special vagina vote.’— Callie re: She wins!

So folks, what did you think of last night’s Grey’s? Was it just another episode for you or was it something special? What was your favorite storyline? Let us know in the comments below!

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