10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Domino Masters”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Domino Masters”

Television is ever-changing, and it brings with it so many different perspectives from reality television to dramatic shows to game shows, and everyone is bound to find something that they want to watch. right now, there is a new show all about sports, but it’s a different sport than anything else you’re seeing on television. It’s all about playing bones. Or dominos as so many people know it. The new show “Domino Masters,” began airing in March 2022, and there is so much you don’t know. We haven’t watched the show yet, but we hear it’s already a massive success, and it has to do with the premise, the host, and the judges. Here’s everything you don’t know, and all the reasons you should watch, all rolled into one article.

1. You Know the Show’s Producer

His face is familiar because he’s the star of the long-standing comedy show “Modern Family,” and we all loved him as Cameron – half of Cam and Mitchell. He played a gay man in love with another gay man, with a baby, and always trying to figure out when he could bring out his inner clown (Fizbo), and Eric Stonestreet is back and better than ever with this new show.

2. Air Time

You can watch for yourself if you tune right into Fox. The network airs this show on Wednesday nights at 9 EST (8 central time) for anyone who wants to watch. That’s PM, by the way. The first episode aired on March 9, 2022, and the second on March 16.

3. It’s a Masterpiece

Literally, these people are not just playing a quick game of bones. They’re building masterpieces with dominos that will blow your mind. Turn it on and watch for yourself if you don’t believe us.

4. The Host

Not only is he listed as a producer of the show, but Eric Stonestreet is also the host. He is going to show us what is going on, how it works, and he is going to provide the show with the much-needed comedy that he always brings to the table. He’s a gem, and we’d watch for him alone.

5. Stonestreet Wasn’t Initially Interested

When he was first approached and asked to take part in this show, he was not into it. He did not find the idea appealing, but he readily admits that he really had no idea what goes into this craft, how it works, or how cool it would really be. He watched some reels, and was instantly excited about the idea of dealing with this show.

6. His Fiance’s Kids Talked Him Into It

Stonestreet is an engaged man, and his fiancé is a beautiful woman with two 9-year-old sons. They are super into this kind of thing, and they are the ones who told Stonestreet that they already watched YouTube videos about domino building, and they would watch the show. It’s all he needed to go all in.

7. This Work is Back Breaking

The men and women who come onto this show to do their thing are doing work that is harder than many other things. To create something this intricate and amazing takes a lot of work, and it’s literally painful.

8. Stonestreet Tried it

He gave it his all, but he is just not a domino master who is going to find a way to win this show by creating the most intricate and amazing designs. He did give it the old college try, though, and he has developed serious respect for the men and women who do this.

9. There are Famous Judges

Steve Price is a domino pro. Vernon Davis is a former San Francisco 49er (he was a tight end), and Danica McKellar is Winnie Cooper of “The Wonder Years,” and all three will be hosting this show. We don’t know what makes them the kind of people who can judge dominos like this, but we think they will make an excellent panel of judges alongside their cool host.

10. This is a Guilty Pleasure

If nothing else, this show is going to show all of us that there is plenty of time in the world for guilty pleasures. It will be all about doing things that no one does, it will be something no one can stop watching, and it’ll be the kind of exciting television people tune into to get away from the news and the other things that are just too dark, heavy, and stressful for television these days.Modern Family

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