That Time When Aubrey Plaza Begged Drew Barrymore To Be Her Mommy

That Time When Aubrey Plaza Begged Drew Barrymore To Be Her Mommy
That Time When Aubrey Plaza Begged Drew Barrymore To Be Her Mommy

Credit: @plazadeaubrey

If you thought you had seen everything when it comes to Aubrey Plaza, you might want to read this article. No one quite beats how entertaining the sensation is. Except of course Drew Barrymore who gives her a run for her money. Now just imagine, when the two get together. Absolute comedy.

Aubrey Plaza was a guest at Drew’s News podcast when the two stars had the weirdest conversation yet.

The White Lotus actress literally asked Drew to be her “mommy.” You might be wondering how on earth things escalated that much, and trust me when I say, things didn’t stop there!

When Aubrey Plaza Asked Drew To Be Her Mommy

The episode of Drew’s podcast was aired on Monday, 19 and Aubrey shocked us all toward the end of the episode. In her defense, we all should have seen it coming because, c’mon, it’s Aubrey and Drew!

You’re probably like, okay, we know when it happened, so how exactly did it happen? Well to answer the question, it all started as an innocent normal conversation where Drew was explaining how she usually sends postcards with jokes to each of her two daughters every day while they are on camp. Aubrey was simply awed by the sweet gesture and then out of the blues:

“You’re a dream mom. I wish you were my mom. Be my mommy.”

Drew Barrymore, a whole comedian on her one didn’t lack a reply to her comment, “I’ll say the same thing to you I say to the girls, ‘Get back in my belly.’”

How The Conversation Got Even Funnier

One would think that it would end there and things get back to business, but as I said before, we are dealing with none other than Drew Barrymore and Aubrey Plaza.

The Parks and Recreation actress then told Drew to actually “feed” her and even put her to bed. A very tempting opening that Drew took happily to boast about how cozy her nurturing skills are. I hope we all know how PG they’re getting or maybe I’m just the one with a really overactive mind.

“I will, I will. By the way, I’m good at it, too,” the podcast’s host said to Aubrey. “I always, like, hold. And they get in the nook of my arm and I hold them and I pet them.”

Can you honestly imagine Drew petting Aubrey? Well, weirdly, I so can! Aubrey was only getting started and you could tell she was happy she had found her match in wits, her replies just kept coming. She didn’t hesitate to chime her own demands as Drew spoke.

“Nurture me,” she added. Drew gladly played along with where things were going as she responded, “Oh, yes. What I wouldn’t do to put you to bed.” I honestly died laughing especially at how both of them sounded. Noting how their chemistry sparked and sizzled, Drew and Aubrey were a match made in heaven.

Wait, it didn’t end there, lovely reader. Aubrey took it to a whole other level when she says, “I’m a hungry baby.” And guess what our beautiful Drew said to that?

“And I have everything you need.” Classic I tell ya! Olive and Frankie may just be getting a new baby sister this Christmas.

That Time When Aubrey Plaza Begged Drew Barrymore To Be Her Mommy

Credit: @drewbarrymore

The Drew Barrymore Show

The show has received quite some criticism ever since it started airing, but I feel it’s the authentic realness that sets it apart from all other shows. Drew Barrymore is an award-winning actress, a businesswoman, a TV host, and most especially a mom, but in so many ways one can always relate to her and everything she talks about on her talk show.

Her goal is to basically bring information and inspiration to her audience, and if you ask me, that’s exactly what she does. I admit things were a bit shaky at first, but who honestly starts out at a hundred percent?

That Time When Aubrey Plaza Begged Drew Barrymore To Be Her Mommy

Credit: @drewbarrymore

“I want to be a bright spot, not a blind spot. We’re in tough times in the world and I want this to be an antidote without pretending we’re not fully aware of everything that’s happening,” she said.

“I also love comedy. It’s my coping mechanism, even if it gets real dark. I’m just like let’s bring on the laughter.” Drew also started a True Crime segment where the real crime has a happy ending.

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