Why Terry Crews is the Perfect Person to Speak out Against Sexual Assault on Males

You wouldn’t think a guy like Terry Crews would have to worry too much about something like sexual assault, but you’d be wrong. The reason why he’s the perfect guy to speak out against sexual assault on men is that it has happened to him. While not in the same manner as it might have happened to countless women, Terry was fondled by a successful agent in recent years, just once, but long enough that it left an impression Terry had this to say:

“The assault lasted only minutes, but what he was effectively telling me while he held my genitals in his hand was that he held the power. That he was in control.”

It’s hard to think that a man that acts in pictures like this would be someone that anyone wants to intimidate.

Of course it’s easy to see past the fiction and understand that off screen Terry is a nice guy that has a very kind disposition, but he’s no push over. After all the man was a college football player wand was drafted into the NFL in 1991, so he has to be somewhat tough. He was also a bodyguard at one point in his life, so he’s not someone you’d want to mess with just for fun. But in a social setting it wouldn’t have been feasible for him to simply haul off and tear the offender to pieces, so he did something that many men wouldn’t have been likely to think of, he took a different path and decided to speak out.

He’s been mocked for his action.

Terry was mocked by none other than rapper 50 Cent, who posted memes making fun of Crews’ sexual assault allegations. The backlash that followed was what should have been expected since the feelings towards sexual assault and misconduct in this country at this time are nothing to be laughed about. Many careers have already been ruined and many more have been just about terminated due to allegations of various sexual misconduct. The fact that another male would do such a thing is kind of appalling, and it’s believed that this is one very big reason why rape and assault victims are so hesitant to speak out, as they are afraid that no one will take them seriously. It’s worse however for men believe it or not since men are believed to be stronger, more capable of confronting their aggressor, and less likely to be fired if they are willing to go forth with a sexual assault case.

Terry will not be showing up in The Expendables 4.

By now the rumor that Sylvester Stallone is going ahead with another Expendables movie is pretty well known, but what isn’t known by some is that Crews will not be in it. He was asked by the producer of the film to drop his lawsuit against the agent that groped him or forfeit his role in the film. Crews, taking the high road, decided to deny the producer what he wanted and therefore will not be able to star in the film. This is unfortunate since Crews was an integral part of the films and will likely be missed. It is also unfortunate however since it was revealed that the producer was facing their own sexual misconduct allegation and it seems that a bit of collusion might be in effect to keep Crews from ruining the name of a person that the producer happens to think highly of. But limiting what a person can do in their line of work, even if it turns out to be minor convenience, is not only wrong, it is extremely petty.

Terry has taken the high road in every confrontation about this matter thus far, making him by far the better man and the more enlightened individual among the bunch. His decision to not back down and simply let it go away has made him one of the most perfect individuals to speak up about this matter since men do get assaulted at times, even if it’s not as prevalent as the sexual misconduct against women. Instead of splitting hairs however it is necessary to take a stand against all sexual misconduct against women and men, and Terry is doing it right since he is talking to those that can hopefully listen and not judge. Many men would claim that they would have gladly backhanded the agent after he fondled them and would have been morally correct in their thinking, but not in their action. The lawsuit to come from the assault and battery that Crews would have been looking at would have only complicated the matters further even if it would have been highly satisfying in that moment.

Honestly, do you really want a guy that looks and acts like this in a movie taking offense to something you did?

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