When The Cameras Are Off, Wednesday Gets a Little Silly

When The Cameras Are Off, Wednesday Gets a Little Silly
Jenna Ortega on What She Has in Common with Her 'Wednesday' Character

credit: Wednesday

Wednesday doesn’t smile, does she? Well, in Addams Family Values, she did, and it was creepy enough that many fans didn’t want her to do it again. That was Christina Ricci however, and while she played the iconic role to a tee, many people are already convinced that Jenna Ortega has nailed this role without fail, at least when everything is edited and ready to be delivered to the public. Otherwise, this blooper reel makes it clear that the cast does get to have a bit of fun behind the scenes now and then, and Wednesday does have her supposed blonde moments when things don’t go the way they need to or she’s feeling a bit silly. It’s not hard to imagine moments like these happening after a long day, a trying week, or just when someone feels the need to inject humor into the moment. On a positive note, it would appear that everyone involved is having a good time and doesn’t appear to mind when things go wrong since that does happen. Still, on the other hand, it does feel as though Ortega might need to shake herself loose from time to time since the part of Wednesday is bound to be kind of stifling. 

Wednesday has rarely ever been seen as a joyful individual

The character of Wednesday Addams has changed only a little over the years, but it would appear that her default setting has been that of a very intense and serious young girl that doesn’t normally crack a smile unless there’s a good reason. That usually means that she’s electrocuting her brother or that she’s committing some other act of hilarious devilry that fans happen to enjoy, which is essentially the reason that folks like the Addams in the first place. But it’s easy to think that off-screen, any female that plays Wednesday might have to shake herself out and remember that there is such a thing as joy in the world that’s not derived solely from the macabre. The fact that Wednesday is such a great character is amazing sometimes since her continually dour mood is one that many might think would make her a little boring at times. But somehow, she’s become an icon in entertainment. 

The fun part is that rest of the cast gets in on the bloopers as well 

Watching the other cast members get in on the bloopers is entertaining since Luis Guzman is the type of guy that one can imagine might be fun working with, not to mention that his sense of humor has been displayed in plenty of movies over the years. Catherine Zeta-Jones has never been much of a comedic actress, but she’s pulled off several great roles over the years. To think that everyone suffers from the blooper curse now and then is pretty easy since, despite being professional actors, many of those in Hollywood can still flub their lines now and then and are just as susceptible as anyone to malfunctions that tend to occur now and then. Hey, they’re actors, which means they’re human.  

Wednesday: Jenna Ortega Had to Change One Costume for a Wild Reason

credit: Wednesday

It would appear that fans are responding well to the series 

Initially, it felt a bit dubious to state that this would be a great series that people would respond positively to, but so far, it appears that people are enjoying Ortega in the role of Wednesday, which is a huge move forward and a positive look on a character that has been a part of many childhood memories over the years. There wasn’t any doubt concerning acting skills, but mucking around with something like the Addams Family, which has been one of the most loved family series over the years, was a risky move that could have gone either way. While some folks are still in love with the idea of the Addams Family movies that were released in the early 90s, those who followed in their footsteps have still done their best to show respect for this idea and make it as entertaining as it’s always been.  

Many would agree that having fun on a set pays off 

Many people get down on actors for various reasons. Sometimes those reasons are sound and logical, but now and again, it feels like so sniping for various reasons that don’t make sense. But when it comes to having fun on the set, this appears to be widely accepted as a positive thing since not only does being silly on the set, when allowable, help to reduce stress, but it can also help to pull a cast together in a positive way that helps each person understand each other. In this manner, a show or a movie can become far more impressive if the cast can anticipate each other to provide an even greater performance. So yeah, being silly and creating a blooper reel is a great idea, especially since the fans love it. 

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