The Five Best Catherine Zeta Jones Movies of Her Career

Entrapment Catherine Zeta Jones

At one time Catherine Zeta Jones was one of the hottest actresses in the business and it seems that she was popping up everywhere you looked. But as time has gone on she’s kind of disappeared from the spotlight a bit as her career seems to have been set on simmer instead. Why this is could be explained by a lot of reasons but most notably it would seem that she’s just not the same person she was years ago when she could take on a role and become the center of attention in short order. Even just a decade ago she was still on fire and seemed as though she could still do anything, but recently it doesn’t seem as though she’s done quite as much and it would seem that she might even be slowing down as the years continue to roll on. Maybe she’ll make a resurgence of sorts, since she is still very talented and not too old to make another couple hits here and there.

Here are some of her best movies to date.

5. High Fidelity

She’s more of a bit player in this movie since Rob tends to go on about old flames and why he can’t seem to hold onto anyone for a long period of time. That’s the trouble with those, both men and women, who seem to think that it’s always a wise move to have one foot by the door and one firmly in the relationship, metaphorically-speaking. They worry so much about that first step they’ll need to take to end the relationship that they never seem to really experience what it might be like to go all in for a relationship. Of course with some it’s the fear of rejection and the pain that comes after, but if you’re in it, then you’ve got to be in it, not looking for the way out if things go sideways.

4. Traffic

To say that she plays a vicious part in this movie that’s featured in three different pieces is kind of hard to say with a decisive tone since she’s a mother that knows that her child will be getting death threats thanks to the profession of her husband. In essence this makes her a mother that is looking out for her family when she makes a bargain for those that are about to testify against her husband to be assassinated, but she’s also a mother that is making some very poor choices. The desperation that it takes to act as her character does in this movie is something born of fear as well as uncertainty that has to be huge part of living this kind of lifestyle.

3. Entrapment

It’s kind of a matter of who’s tricking who in this movie since Gin and Mac are both notorious thieves, but Mac is far better at it than Gin is no matter that her cover is something that seemed to have fooled the FBI. Of course that too was something contrived to finally trap her in the act of thievery, something that Mac has a hand in since he’s been working with the FBI, but also against them since a thief will usually remain a thief in many ways, especially in the movies. When it’s revealed how his role in this whole mess was to take her down, Mac and Gin still manage a getaway before making plans for another job.

2. The Terminal

You almost want to dislike her in this movie since she seems to constantly look past Victor even as he tries to get her attention over and over. Eventually his calm and friendly manner wins her over and they do spend some time together, but her character is simply too flighty and, when she’s pressed by Homeland Security, she tends to wonder just how far she’s gone when it comes to how friendly she’s been with Victor. In the end she does help him out and turns out to be a good person, but she can’t be the one for Victor since the deal she had to make was one that left no room in her life for him.

1. Ocean’s Twelve

It was easy to dislike and like her all at once in this movie since she played the part of the investigator that was trying to bring Ocean’s entire crew down, which she succeeded in doing eventually, but not in the way she was thinking. One thing about Danny and Rusty that no one ever seems to realize is that no matter how stuck or how backed up against the wall they might seem to be, there’s always an out, a plan in motion that the other person has no chance of seeing since they play things so close to vest. Her character found this out the hard way once the guys were finally taken into custody and then released.

It’d be great to see her in more movies that show her as an authority figure, as she plays them rather well.

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