A Jumanji 4 Has Officially Been Confirmed in Development

The last Jumanji movie made it pretty clear that the story wasn’t quite done yet when the killer ostriches from the game world went running down the street outside of the diner where the main group had decided to meet for the ending. But what the movie was lacking is the idea of HOW the game broke out of control and was allowed to enter the real world, and what this means for the avatars and every other character within the game. So far there aren’t really a lot of details to go on when it comes to what the next story might offer, but it is apparent that the next movie is a go. A lot of fans are no doubt glad to hear this since there really does need to be an explanation given that everyone kind of thought that Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, was the end of it considering that they smashed the console and the gem. But of course Spencer, who felt stronger as Dr. Bravestone, more confident, and became kind addicted, to be honest, just had to go messing with the game again. But this time around it does feel as though the four friends that started or rather continued the game, are going to be as out of their league as the avatars probably will be if they all end up meeting at some point in the movie. It’s hard to say how that’s going to work since one has to imagine that the avatars will have their own personalities to deal with.

There are a lot of ideas that might come to bear on this movie since the fact that it’s a continuation of the original movie, which a lot of fans were grateful to see, means that there might be even more characters coming and it’s likely that there’s even more to Jumanji than even the most hardcore fans realize. To be fair though, that’s exciting since if more and more of Jumanji is going to be coming to kind of take over the real world, at least until someone beats the game again, it’s going to kind of interesting to see what happens. Maybe having the avatars work alongside the main characters would be a good idea, or maybe the avatars taking over the main characters, or vice versa, would be a worthwhile idea. It’s hard to say at this point since there are a few different ways that the movie could go, and it’s easy to say that they’re all enticing at this time. But whether Danny DeVito would come back is a good question since he was very much around at the end of the last movie and he knew what had happened. Danny Glover likely wouldn’t come back since his character, Milo, was content to stay in Jumanji to keep things on an even keel, so to speak. It’s also interesting to wonder if Colin Hanks would be coming back since it’s easy to think that his avatar, played by Nick Jonas, would be making an appearance. Nothing is certain at this time though other than that the main actors will be coming back.

For all we know, Colin won’t want to return, Grandpa Eddie will have left the scene, and even Nick might want to sit this one out. It’s great and all that the last two movies were entertaining, but the fact is that Welcome to the Jungle had an edge to it and a nice homage to Robin Williams from the first movie, but The Next Level, though entertaining and full of good intentions, felt as though it slipped a bit and might be followed by yet another movie that will continue to slip away from the quality that first movies often lay down from the start. It’s unfair to say such a thing at this juncture since we haven’t heard much of anything other than the fact that the movie is going to be produced eventually, but it still feels as though riding the fame of a franchise is still an iffy prospect since people do tend to get bored after a while and want to see something new, or something that reinvigorates the franchise. There’s definitely the possibility of that happening since it’s very likely that the invasion of the real world by Jumanji this time around will be a little more comprehensive and even a bit more noticeable since in the time of Robin Williams the technology hadn’t quite reached the point that the takeover of his small town by the game would have been big news around the world. But if Jumanji started spreading in this day and age it would be all over social media and YouTube in a heartbeat. That alone would help to make this next movie easier for people to relate to and enjoy no doubt.

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