Five Reasons to Suggest that Kitchen Nightmares is Fake

Just watching Kitchen Nightmares makes a person hope and pray that it’s not real and that it’s just another reality show that tends to stretch the truth a bit. That it’s completely fake doesn’t seem accurate to state, but there is a disconnect in there that doesn’t quite seem to allow for the fact that it might be duplicitous in any way. In other words parts of it might be fake, but other parts are likely very real. In truth if half of the restaurants exist in their current capacity then there’s no doubt that they’d be shut down or very close to losing their license and being closed for good. After all you don’t walk into a place that has vermin and horrible food and keep coming back no matter how comfortable it is. People don’t want to be fed slop if they can avoid it, and will tend to frequent other places where they can get good food and have a good time.

But there are a few things that make it seem very fake.

5. Tension is often created where it doesn’t exist.

One of the things you learn through experience and the simple process of being around people is that no one wants to be yelled at continuously while they’re working and customers really don’t want to hear it. The chances are good that if they hear yelling and banging in the back they’re either going to finish and get out or they’re just going to pay and leave regardless if they’re done or not. And the tension that’s created between Gordon and the staff is usually so bad that you can’t imagine anyone coming into an establishment and being that nasty to anyone, especially if they’re there to help them. It’s understandable to get angry at being served horrible food, but his reactions are a bit over the top sometimes.

4. Chef Ramsay is actually a nice guy.

In many ways he’s a teddy bear when he’s not on camera. He’s one of the nicest chefs that anyone has ever been around according to those that have managed to speak to him off camera and the persona he puts forth on the show is one that he has to work at to maintain. When he really gets going it seems as though Gordon is the Culinary Avenger himself come to make certain that the food that is going out of each kitchen is either up to his standards or is tossed in the trash where he figures it belongs. In real life however he’s professed to be irritable but still more prone to being nice to people than anything.

3. The changes implemented don’t always help the restaurants’ business.

Just having a top-rated chef come in and make a few big changes doesn’t mean that the establishment is going to experience a complete turnaround. While Ramsay’s opinion does hold a lot of weight and his efforts to help the places he visits are acceptable and valued, it doesn’t mean that the model will always work for that location. In fact some restaurants have still had to close down after his visit, though often it’s pointed out that the owners did something wrong, not that the model was just not right for the surrounding area. In summation, you don’t always have the right impression of the place after visiting for just a short time.

2. Gordon doesn’t always get as mad as it seems.

It’s easy to stay on an even keel in terms of temper when someone is willing to work with you, but this goes back to the matter of unnecessary tension being created. Apparently the yelling and banging of dishes and everything else creates ratings, meaning that it’s better if Gordon gets mad and throws one of his famous tantrums when it comes to an owner being difficult or unresponsive to change. In truth Gordon doesn’t always get this animated about things and will talk instead of yell when it comes to dealing with people. It seems like it would save his voice and allow his blood pressure to keep from spiking.

1. Chef Ramsay isn’t on set quite as often as the footage would suggest.

This is the same for just about every reality show you watch where the hosts seem to be on the job at all times. Ramsay isn’t in the restaurant for the whole show however, as he’ll show up on screen when it comes to the initial run-through, the switch, and then the eventual re-opening. This is a show to be honest, even if it is someone’s livelihood that’s being depicted. It’s about ratings and it’s about make certain that people will be entertained even if it’s at the supposed expense of someone else. Taking this show at face value is up to the viewer, but there’s a lot going on behind the camera that you’re not made aware of.

It’s an entertaining show, but it’s not entirely real.

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