Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 3 Review: “I Choose You”

Grey's Anatomy

This week’s Grey’s Anatomy has many calls to the past as the doctors face difficult decisions. All decisions boil down to the same principle. Choose what you want, and hope the ones you love want the same.

Jo walks around wanting to puke all morning. Questioning Alex about whether or not he wants kids makes it seem like Jo may be pregnant. What she’s really upset about is finding out that Alex had embryos frozen when he was married to Izzie, but shrugs his shoulders when she puts him on the spot about kids. He recognizes that Jo has abandonment issues, but assures her he is all in, even if that means having a baby now. Luckily Jo has no desire to become a mother in the middle of her residency, meaning a “Jolex” baby will happen on their time, when they’re ready.

Not a good time for Alex to be getting hit with this as he has to deal with a two tumor-riddled newborns. The father is the only match for a liver transplant for his children, but only one child can receive the donation. Unless they find another match, Alex is going to have to decide which baby to save. Frustrated and overwhelmed, Alex no longer feels he can make the call when the time comes. Arizona stands in awe of her protegee and tells him he has the strength and the capacity to do this. She should relay this speech to Andrew as well, who admits he shies away from Peds because the parents’ heartache overwhelms him. Andrew ends up standing in awe of Alex, who makes the call to try to save both babies, but in the end can only save one. As the baby boy dies we get a callback to Alex’s first experience in Peds, holding the baby in his arms.

Elsewhere Jackson is done being nice to his wife. For as much as April wants to fight for their marriage, she’s doing a lot of talking about fighting rather than listening to what Jackson is saying; basically that he wants her out, even if he has to change the locks to do it. I find it interesting that this sudden talk of Izzie brings back memories of a similar situation that she and Alex went through. If you’ll recall, Alex was always written to be the inferior to Izzie’s moral compass in the beginning. That is until she got cancer, she and Alex got married, and she abandoned him. When she did come back, he realized he didn’t deserve her treatment of him, so he asked for a divorce. This is exactly what is happening now with Jackson and April. After feeling abandoned by April, Jackson thinks he deserves better. He feels he needs to send his wife a message, so he packs up his things and camps out on Ben and Bailey’s couch.

On the lighter side of things, Meredith is informed that she gets paid exhorbatantly less than her colleagues. Meredith will always be the intern to Bailey, which is probably what holds Meredith back from saying something. All of the other female department heads encourage Meredith to fight for a fair wage. Richard is outraged that Bailey would cheat Meredith out of what she is owed, but the new Chief is having none of that. All Meredith has to do is ask for a raise, and Bailey wants her to rise to the occasion instead of being coddled by Richard. See Bailey knows what it takes to be a female surgeon, and the female head of a department. Bailey just needs Meredith to be an adult and ask, which she eventually does figure out on her own.

Maggie has to deal with her ex-boyfriend getting married mere months after they broke up, which causes her to freak out just a bit. In another return to tradition, when the sad go crazy, the sad also get drunk at Jimmy’s, and sleep with the hot intern. Glad to see Maggie letting loose, and the fallout next week looks like it’s gonna be fun.

What did you think of this week’s callbacks to past storylines and traditions?

[Photo credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC]

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