Grey’s Anatomy Review: I Hate to Burst Your Bubble

Grey’s Anatomy Review: I Hate to Burst Your Bubble

Grey's Anatomy

We’re probably at our most vulnerable when we make assumptions about ourselves. It’s impossible to predict what’s going to come your way, so it’s naive to think that the plan you come up with is automatically going to work everything out. For doctors who work with exactly those odds, it’s sad to see them not grasp that in their personal lives.  This week’s Grey’s Anatomy covered the fallout of Alex’s arrest, an awkward love triangle, and Owen and Amelia literally the only happy people in sight.

Bailey needs a mole among the staff after the mess with Karev and DeLuca. She was blindsided by that, and can’t afford to be blindsided again. Ben can’t do it because he’s barely starting to get back into the routine, so Webber offers instead. He doesn’t give her much that’s useful. His most surprising piece of information is that the Denny Duquette clinic staff feels overworked.  That place is still open?

Amelia and Owen are blissfully happy back from their honeymoon. They plan a nice impromptu dinner party which gets weird quickly. Amelia wanted the dinner party so that Owen and Riggs could mend fences, but it’s going to take more than a party to fix things. Riggs uses the dinner party to shamelessly flirt with Meredith while Maggie stands nearby unawares. The awkward love triangle is nothing compared to Alex and Jo’s run-in. Neither one of their feelings and confusion about the situation is wrong. The issue is that her secrets and his relapse into past behavior have created this huge wall.

Jo is going through major stress after everything. It’s such a precarious situation that Stephanie gives up being on Amelia’s case so that her friend doesn’t have to work with either Karev or DeLuca. After explaining why the concept of beating up a patient’s tumor named after the patient’s ex-husband’s mistress sounds bad, Amelia chooses Jo’s side. The thing is that Jo doesn’t really want to be a side. She’s silently dealing with the pain of her past abuse. Seeing another person she loved go off like that had a profound effect.

After everything that Jackson and April went through with their son, they are joyful that their daughter Harriett is doing so well. Unfortunately April needs to stay in the hospital a little longer. This means that Jackson will be taking Harriett home solo. This really depresses April, until Jackson FaceTimes her so that mother and daughter can be together. The problem is that April thinks of herself as a single mother. She and Jackson really need a plan as to how they are going to raise their daughter together. Jackson encourages April to think about moving in with him. It doesn’t fit in with April’s idea boundaries, but what matters most is what’s best for Harriett.

It’s agonizing to watch Maggie confide her feelings for Riggs to Meredith. It’s even more agonizing to watch Maggie try to not so subtly attempt to hit on Riggs. Meredith informs Riggs of Maggie’s crush. After he’s all flirty, Riggs takes a different approach in order to protect the sisters. He tells Maggie that after everything that happened with Owen’s sister he’s not ready to date. Unfortunately Maggie takes this to mean that she should wait for Riggs. Instead of fretting about this, Meredith chooses to focus on Alex instead.

Alex is out on bail while he awaits sentencing. Instead of the minimum sentence, Alex is charged with felony assault against DeLuca. It’s a huge blow which makes Alex feel pretty low, lower than he’s felt since he was a kid. His worry keeps him from paying attention when his transplant patient suffers an appendicitis. Meredith makes things worse by trying to appeal to DeLuca, which he takes as a threat. Meredith needs to stop trying to defend Alex when he was in the wrong. Is he a bad person? No, but he definitely did a bad thing. Bailey isn’t comfortable letting Alex do surgery, so he’ll be working in the clinic from now on.

Who do you think is still in need of a wake-up call?

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