Why Izzie Stevens is the Worst Character on Grey’s Anatomy

Why Izzie Stevens is the Worst Character on Grey’s Anatomy

Let’s start out by saying that Izzie Stevens didn’t have the ideal life while growing up, even if that tends to mean that many will excuse just about anything the character did during her time on the show. It is prudent to state that Katherine Heigl’s poor attitude toward the show in general after a while could be seen in her acting from time to time, but we’ll focus mostly on Izzie. The character had a fairly rough life as she was already pregnant by the time she was a teenager and after giving up the baby for adoption she was ostracized in a way that wasn’t fair at all. But as her life continued it became kind of obvious that while she wasn’t the worst human being in the world she wasn’t above doing a few questionable things that would have done more than just raise an eyebrow here and there. One could say that everyone on the show had their moments when they did or said something controversial, but it feels easy to say that Izzie isn’t the favorite of many for a few reasons.

There are many that might like to point out Izzie’s good qualities, which do exist, but the fact is that this woman did so much to undermine the good things she was capable of that she did, in effect, become kind of the mean girl on the show at times. Her ability to meddle and do what she felt was right even if it wasn’t ethical or keeping with conventional wisdom kind of make Izzie a loose cannon at times that knew how to manipulate people in an emotional and psychological manner that many people can’t stomach that often but somehow feel is good drama. In truth, it is to be certain, but it also makes a character less than appealing to a lot of people.

A lot of the hate that’s aimed at Izzie does come from the fact that Heigl turned her back on the show and even called it out in public, which is a huge gaffe since one thing that anyone should know is that biting the hand that’s been feeding you is never smart. The fact that she’s had a career since that point is evidence that despite her poor attitude toward a show that helped her to become a big name, Heigl went on to star in several movies that would allow her to become known in a few different ways. But the role of Izzie is one that’s bound to be debated largely because some folks are likely to defend her against any and all criticisms against her character given that she was bubbly and bright when she wasn’t being mean and vindictive. It’s easy to state that people always remember the worst and forget the best, but the truth is that Izzie did have her high points and she did manage to light up the screen at times with her presence. But another truth is that sometimes the downsides of a character can easily overshadow the brighter points that are highlighted at times. even the brightest moments can be marred by the fact that a character can become one of the meanest and cruelest characters around.

Izzie wasn’t the devil to be certain, but she was definitely someone who knew how to cause pain when she wanted to, which was evident throughout a good part of the show when she didn’t get her way and when she had a point to make with certain individuals. How well Heigl managed to get along with her costars is hard to say without really going beyond the character and during the behind the scenes moments, but Izzie became the type of character that people expected drama from since it appeared to be something she was well-versed in and was willing to use to her advantage when it came to getting what she wanted. The arguments that might come for and against Izzie are plentiful to be certain, but those that are against are usually bound to bring up the fact that she did manage to ditch her ethical side whenever it suited her and didn’t appear to have any issue when doing so. That’s a big reason why she’s considered one of the worst characters.

But the whole mean girl act in a show that’s populated by those that are supposed to be there to help people becomes kind of a problem since like it or not, some people do look at fiction and then attempt to apply it to real life. Izzie wasn’t just a manipulative individual, she was a character that had her upsides and could be friendly, but was also ready and willing to do whatever it took to get what she wanted, which is why she was one of the absolute worst characters on the show.for and against Izzie

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