Grey’s Anatomy Review: The Old, the Young, and all the Babies

Grey’s Anatomy Review: The Old, the Young, and all the Babies

Grey's Anatomy

Babies, babies, babies everywhere! Well technically one possible baby, one fetus, and one infant, but still. Grey’s Anatomy is abuzz with baby talk this week when Amelia suspects she may be pregnant. Babies hold everyone front and center, but the young of age and the young at art bring the joy. And if you know what’s good for you, nobody better mess with Bailey’s joy.

Edwards is now the hospital’s favorite resident! Jo is indignant, but honestly I can see why. Edwards is like Cristina 2.0. She almost never lets her personal life interfere with her work. Then again her day is spent being compared to shoes and a snowplow. Edwards is meant for Neuro, if only because her Cardio patient doesn’t survive. It’s extremely sobering.

Bailey’s liver transplant patient June Crowley may be the nicest patient ever to set foot through Grey Sloan Memorial. Bailey pulls DeLuca onto the case because she feels he could use some joy in his life. Being showered with compliments and cookies by an entire family would certainly qualify. Meredith also has a liver transplant patient, a young woman whose heatstroke caused quick damage. Her twin sister can’t donate because she’s pregnant. You know how this story goes. Two patients, one liver, upset doctors. Bailey gets grumpy quickly since she knows that sweet Granny June would help anyone in need. So imagine her surprise when sweet Granny June’s answer to giving up the liver is “hell no!”. Alex has to talk her out of stealing the liver, and it’s a good thing he does. Meredith and Webber spend the rest of the day frustrated, but Maggie and Edwards’ patient ends up being a perfect match for theirs. Just like that, the joy is back.

Amelia and Owen just decided to start trying for a baby, and Amelia already thinks she’s pregnant. She’s excited at first, until Owen is commandeered to babysit Jackson and April’s baby. Poor baby Harriet can’t stop screaming as Owen drags her around the hospital holding her like she’s a football. Eventually he figures it out, with some on-hand diaper assistance from Riggs. In the meantime, Amelia hasn’t even peed on the stick yet and everyone starts congratulating her! Take it from April, who made the mistake of not telling Jackson the minute she was pregnant. Telling the father first saves you alot of hassle in the long run. Or take it from Meredith, who never got the chance to tell Derek about being pregnant with baby Ellis because he was already dead. It hits Amelia square in the chest. The last time she was pregnant, she didn’t get to tell the father either because he was already dead. Then Amelia’s baby died. Being pregnant, even the possibility of being pregnant, should be joyous for her. She’s in the best place she’s ever been in her life, but the past can blindside you at any time. Suddenly Amelia genuinely doesn’t want to know. It takes awhile for her to build up the courage to tell Owen, and they wait for the results together. Amelia isn’t pregnant, but is she sad or relieved?

Is Amelia ready to be a mother, or does she still have some residual healing to do?

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