Grey’s Anatomy Review: The Odd Couples

Hawaii Five-0

We needed some fun after Meredith’s traumatic attack on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy. Everyone’s talking to somebody, which leaves Meredith to talk to a therapist. It’s not her first time on that couch, but this time around reveals less about Meredith’s past and more about her future.


After returning to work Meredith must go to mandated therapy. She considers her attack small potatoes compared to everything she’s been through. I’m inclined to agree with her, until the psychiatrist makes the point that this was something that specifically happened to her. She spends the rest of her time explaining the sordid romantic entanglements all of her friends. At first Meredith can’t stand the hovering in her home, so she kicks everyone out. As much as she says she wanted to be alone, the reality is not all that comforting. After so much loss, being left alone so many times, Meredith realizes for the first time that she doesn’t exactly know who she is. She’s healthy, she has her kids and her career, but she still defines herself as a widow, which is a label that is keeping her from stepping into the next phase of her life.


In happier news, Maggie and Deluca are actually doing well. Uncomfortably well, since Deluca and Webber don’t realize who Maggie is to the other. It takes Webber awhile to catch on, and being new to fatherhood his reaction is that of a horrified father of a 15-year old girl. Then again Webber is playing wingman for Arizona so he really should be a more go with the flow guy these days.


While Deluca and Maggie are going strong, the same cannot be said for Alex and Jo. Jo isn’t really talking to Alex despite having let him back into the house. Jo tries to work out her feelings amongst the other residents, but it takes a patient to help her make a decision about what she wants. A 15-year old patient comes to Alex wanting his help to treat her. Alex has an idea of a treatment plan he wants to try, but his patient fires him for playing it safe. She hires Callie and Maggie instead. Despite being fired Alex chooses to stay with his patient. He may not have come up with some radical surgical option, but he is a pediatric surgeon because he knows kids. He knows their fears, their strength, the capacity they have to make miraculous recoveries. Even though she is very proactive for a girl her age, Alex’s patient is still just a scared child. Even if all Alex can do is stick around and believe in her, that’s what he’s going to do. The same reasoning could be applied to Jo. Alex has proven he isn’t going anywhere. That doesn’t mean he isn’t going to make bone-headed mistakes every now and again, but he’ll never walk away from Jo.


Owen and Riggs are still acting like babies. Owen can’t even be in the same room as Riggs, not even when an ambulance explodes right outside the ER. It’s all April can do to keep their conversations from interfering with patient care. In the meantime Amelia is rightly frustrated with Owen. On a good day maybe she could handle Owen’s stoicism, but she is newly sober so she has no room in her life for anything but the truth. He finally tells her that his sister loved Riggs and since Riggs was there when they lost her, Owen can’t forgive him. Telling Amelia actually helps. Owen still can’t forgive Riggs but at least he’ll work with him, quite beautifully to be honest. And then they go back to arguing like 3-year olds on the playground. One way or another Bailey’s going to have to do something about this.


What will Meredith’s next move be? Will Owen and Riggs ever hash it out?

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