Grey’s Anatomy Review: Saying My Peace

Grey's Anatomy

It’s a rule of life that nothing stays the same. The world always has something new to throw at us, but sometimes it’s good to purposely change things up. This idea of Webber’s makes everyone a tad stressed, but everyone on Grey’s Anatomy at the very least gets to say their peace.

Seeing that the residents have become a little too complacent with their specialties and their respective attendings, Webber asks Bailey to give him the autonomy to switch things up. This places Ben with Arizona, Penny with Amelia, Jo with Meredith, and Stephanie with Alex. Some of the pairings are merely enlightening, while others are downright contentious.

Jo’s growing resentment of Meredith threatens to spill over as Meredith sees right through Jo throughout the day. It’s been building for so long that Stephanie tells her friend she either needs to confront Meredith or never talk about it again. So Jo blows up at Meredith. Meredith thinks Jo was overreacting, but Callie and Maggie tell her she does knock Jo down a lot. Meredith apologizes to Jo and tells her to continue to stand up for herself, because she’s rooting for her to be a great surgeon and to be with Alex. Finally some peace! At the end of the day the cute military doctor from last week visits Meredith and asks her out. We’ll find out next week if Meredith agreed.

Amelia is forced to accept Penny on her service on a rather interesting case. Rita Moreno guest stars as the wife of a cheating husband. After a head injury the man doesn’t remember his mistress and still thinks that he is madly in love with his wife. She realizes she could only be so angry with her husband if she loved him as much as she does, so she wants him to come out of his next surgery the man she married. Amelia doesn’t trust Penny anywhere near this patient. Riggs reminds Amelia that a lot of people didn’t trust him but he has proven himself as a capable surgeon. Amelia needs to at least give Penny the chance to prove herself, which she does. Amelia realizes that Penny has what it takes to become a neurosurgeon, so it is her duty to teach her.

Stephanie can’t stand working in Pediatrics, but Ben learns a lot from working on Arizona’s case, the majority of which is advice on his taxes from the patient. Ben is so good with the patient Arizona requests that he continue to be on her service. Bailey also hires the patient to do her and Ben’s taxes. These changes seem innocent, but you can see Ben wondering if they really are. This may be the beginning of a new issue for Ben and Bailey.

Alex and Arizona are both starting to panic since April hasn’t told Jackson yet that she is pregnant. Arizona is worried about April’s health since she doesn’t want her friend to go through what she did last time, and she still hasn’t gotten proper prenatal tests. Alex is worried since Jackson is starting to date again. Both beg April to do the right thing and let the secret out, but she’s not budging. After a long day and weeks of worrying, Arizona’s anxiety spills out and she tells Jackson that April is pregnant as April walks in moments later.

How will Jackson and April move forward now that he knows the truth? Do you think Meredith will agree to the date?

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