The Five Biggest Plot Twists in the History of Grey’s Anatonomy

The Five Biggest Plot Twists in the History of Grey’s Anatonomy

The Five Biggest Plot Twists in the History of Grey’s Anatonomy

Since Grey’s Anatomy first premiered on March 27, 2005, it has kept us captivated with all of the twists and turns that the storyline has taken. Most of the biggest plot twists were interwoven into the life of Meredith Grey, the main character. During these years, we have gotten to know and love different characters as they were rotated in and out. Different characters and events brought changes that affected the dynamics of the show.  But in the history of the show there are numerous events or strange turns that all of us were completely surprised by.   These are what we consider to be the top five.

The Ferry Crash

The ferry crash occurred at one of the most busiest times of day (the morning rush). The doctors from Seattle Grace treated patients who were dealing with shock, distress, and grief at the crash site and at the hospital. It was quite a chaotic and noisy scene. While Meredith treated a patient, she was knocked into the frigid waters of Puget Sound. Derek noticed that Meredith was missing. He found her. Derek pulled Meredith out of the water and prevented her from drowning. Meredith was comatose. The exceptional doctors worked furiously to save her.

It was a situation of wait and see if she woke up. During this period of waiting, a somber Derek truly realized how much he loved Meredith, and did not want to live without her. While unconscious Meredith experienced visits from the ghosts of past patients. This helped to pull her out of her coma. Derek was relieved and promised to love Meredith forever. Who expected Meredith to suffer such a near death experience? You expected her to have performed heroic surgery to save others.

The Plane Crash

This episode left you heartbroken and physically feeling cold. A plane carrying Derek, Meredith, Christina, Arizona, Lexie and Mark crashed in a mounrainous, snow-covered forest.They were on their way to another hospital, but it was the doctors that needed help. Our skilled doctors had to rely on their survival skills. This accident negatively affected the of the characters. Meredith’s sister, Lexie, died after suffering for days at the crash site.

Derek was wounded. Dr. Mark Sloane died in Seattle Grace Hospital from injuries. Callie lost her daughter’s father. Also, Callie had to make the agonizing decision to amputate Arizona’s leg. Their relationship was damaged as a result of the operation. Christina suffered a nervous breakdown and worked at Joe’s Bar for awhile. This was a life changing experience for our beloved doctors.

Cristina’s Departure

Dr. Cristina Yang always wanted to be a world-class surgeon. Burke (her former mentor and fiancée) offered her the opportunity to be in charge of his state-of-the art cardiac hospital in Switzerland. She struggled with this decision. Of course, it was a dream come true, but she did not want to leave Meredith (her Twisted Sister). Meredith gave Christina the encouragement she needed to make this change in her life.

As Christine was leaving, she gave Meredith some advice that changed her outlook on where she belonged and her future. Meredith was struggling with whether to stay in Seattle or go with Derek to Washington D.C. The President of the USA had asked him to work on a research project. Christina’s advice was “Do not let Derek’s wants eclipse what you need. You are the sun, not him.” After reflecting on these words, she decided to in Seattle and embrace her role at her mother’s hospital.

The Death of Derek

It had been rumored that Derek would be killed in an episode. No one could believe that such a popular character would die. How could the show continue? My colleagues thought that this was a rouse to get more viewers. We were counting down the days until Grey’s day arrived. After Derek stopped and helped a family that had crashed, we breathed a sigh of relief. Derek was still alive, but not for much longer.

As he tried to reach his cell phone, his small sports car and a large truck crashed. Derek was taken to a small hospital. He was unable to communicate, but he knew what was wrong with his brain and what needed to be done. A young doctor wanted to order a CAT scan for Derek, but she was over ruled by an experienced doctor. When Meredith arrived and looked at his chart, she knew he would die. The death of Derek had a profound effect on the characters and the viewers. The next day at work, we were in a state of shock and disbelief.

An Unexpected Sister

Meredith had just adjusted to having a sister, Lexie, in her life and a part of the family only to experience her horrific death at the plane crash site. One of the last things Meredith expected was for another SECRET sister to appear and to accept a job at the hospital. Meredith’s mother, Ellis, and Dr. Webber had a baby that was put up for adoption. At first Meredith did not believe that Maggie was her sister. Later, she remembered that there was a summer when Meredith and her mother went away and her mother had a large stomach. After awhile these two (Meredith and Maggie) accepted each other. They each needed a friend and relied on each other.

After 12 years, the show has remained popular. The plot twists and a combination of different characters have kept the show fresh. Also, the show has incorporated societal issues.We, the viewers, have returned season after season to see what tragedies and hopefully the triumphs that await the people in Meredith Grey’s life.

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