Grey’s Anatomy 10.05 Review: “I Bet it Stung”


This episode reminds me why Bailey will always be amazing. She used to be the resident over all our original interns (Meredith, George, Izzy, Alex, and Christiana), but now she is on even ground with them. The banter that was always a highlight of the show hasn’t gone away, even after 200 episodes, and as it was back when the show began, Bailey is behind some of my favorite lines.

When Meredith pulls the friend string and steals a double transplant from Bailey, she is beyond angry. Even when Meredith reminds her that she named her child after her, she doesn’t care. She quips: “your son drinks the milk of a liver thief!” Too awesome.

While Bailey continues to be upset about the surgery, Which Christina is heading as the Cardio fellow, Meredith can’t keep up. She can’t do the research involved, she’s too worried about a princess tea party for her daughter, and when Zola has to get stitches she skips the pre-op. Once she finally arrives, Christina has already given Bailey the surgery and kicks Meredith out. They then have an argument about how she can be a good mother and a good surgeon without becoming Ellis Grey. I agree, but not at the rate Meredith is going. She even starts a fight with Derek, all about the princess tea party. Meredith is a lot of things, a good surgeon among them, but she has the inability to get her priorities straight.

Debbie Allen has become my favorite guest star as Jackson’s mother and brilliant urologist with an emphasis in the male reproductive organ. My mom’s weird, but she’s not medical penis expert weird. She comes to continue Webber’s care (which has him finally working to stay alive) and meet Jackson’s girlfriend whose name I literally could not remember for 90% of the episode until Momma Avery said it a few times. Edwards (the girlfriends name, apparently) is caught in bed with Jackson in an on call room and then proceeds to have a case involving a man who has a sting fetish. Yeah, that’s a thing. He decided to enjoy the wasp nest at his house causing some stings which in turn caused some swelling. Edwards continues to anger Momma Avery by doing all the wrong things and causing the guys bladder to explode. This guy’s wife come in to be with the guy and explains that she should have removed the nest because she knew he would try and…enjoy it. This makes her the worlds must understanding woman ever.

Callie starts the episode still living with the McDreamys and we see the morning retinue which includes Meredith kissing Derek goodbye, and then kissing Callie out of not paying attention. It was kind of funny and weird how their dynamic is working. Callie is still beyond angry with Arizona, still understandably, and after an interesting case with a donor baby who’s now an adult, she demands her apartment back since she’s still paying the mortgage. Callie ends the episode dancing in her underwear, which is almost exactly how we first met her. She’s trying to get her groove back, and it’s slowly but surely getting back on track.

After Arizona left with Murphy after last week’s gala, she has no knowledge as to why Murphy all of a sudden things they’re close. Arizona panics, thinking she slept with her or something, and Murphy keeps popping up with coffee and during surgeries. They end up at the same bar where Arizona breaks down and asks what happens. After some severe awkward moments, we find out that nothing happened! There were surgery videos and drunken dancing and grilled cheese. Murphy gets all sad cause she had thought she had found someone that understood her weirdness. Woohoo for misunderstandings

This episode was entertaining, and reminded me of some of the first episodes of misunderstandings and surgery stealing. I’m excited to continue the season.

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