10 Things You Didn’t Know about E.R. Fightmaster

It was many, many years ago that the ABC Network decided to bring the show “Grey’s Anatomy,” to television, and it’s still on the air. While the show has had its fair share of ups and downs, it’s remained a fan favorite for well over 15 years, and it keeps bringing the heat. From hot doctors to steamy hookups to the hilarious writing and the witty repartee, it’s a show that keeps on giving. Many characters have been on the show for a long time. Some are new, and many have come and gone and come back for more. There are probably more famous guest stars and famous faces on this show than anywhere else, and we want to know more about E.R. Fightmaster, the person who plays the character Kai on this hit show. Who is E.R. Fightmaster?

1. Fightmaster is Non-Binary

Essentially, this means that Fightmaster does not identify as a man or a woman. Fightmaster simply exists without any preference towards either gender, and that is a personal choice.

2. Fightmaster is from the Midwest

While we don’t know where Fightmaster was born and raised, we do know that Ohio was home for him for a long time. More specifically, this actor calls Cincinnati his home. It’s a great place to grow up, offering many opportunities for children to pursue any type of career, sport, club, etc.

3. Fightmaster Graduated College

Fightmaster is a college graduate with a degree in Women and Gender Studies from DePaul University. After spending several years at the university studying and focusing, both graduation and entering the real world were a welcome treat for the actor.

4. Fightmaster is a Comedian

In addition to acting and attending college, this person also has a funny bone. Fightmaster was a member of “The Second City Touring Company” as well as Boom Chicago, a comedy troupe. Comedians are popular with fans, and this role as a serious doctor appears to be a departure for this actor.

5. Fightmaster is in a Band

In addition to being educated, funny, and a talented actor, did you know Fightmaster is also in a band? That’s right! The band is called TWIN, and it has one more member – his name is Mike Aviles. They recently released a single called “Santa Clarita,” and it has been out for just over a month.

6. Fightmaster is A Musician

Well, of course; Fightmaster is in a band, so it only makes sense that they are a musician, right? We mean to say that Fightmaster is not just a singer in a band; they are also capable of playing a few instruments. Anyone who knows anything about music knows this is no small feat, but Fightmaster can play both the guitar and the piano. We are not sure if this is a result of lessons or if they are self-taught.

7. The Character is Also Non-Binary

Fightmaster portrays a doctor by the name of Dr. Kai Bartley, and the show has made it very clear to fans that the doctor is non-binary, just like the actor. The show has asked fans to be respectful and use the preferred pronouns of the fictional character when tweeting, so as not to offend the character or those who identify similarly.

8. This is A History-Making Moment

E.R. Fightmaster is excited because this is a history-making moment on the show. Grey’s is in its 18th season, and it is the first time the show has ever cast a non-binary actor in a role. It’s also the first time that the show has cast someone who is playing a non-binary character as well.

9. Things Could be Interesting for Dr. Shepherd

Dr. Amelia Shepherd has been around for a long time now, and we all know and love her. She’s been through so much and been with so many men, and had some truly epic romances in her life. However, there seems to be a rumor going around that sparks are flying between her and the new doctor in town. Could she fall for a queer, non-binary character?

10. Fightmaster is Having Fun

At the end of the day, Fightmaster is seriously loving this job. It’s fun, invigorating, and they are delighted to have it.

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