10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paris Winningham

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paris Winningham

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paris Winningham

When he decided he’d audition for a chance to sing for the judges on “The Voice,” we imagine that Paris Winningham thought he might have a chance. We also imagine that he was likely shocked when he realized he’d made it to the blind auditions. We imagine he was even more shocked when he was chosen from the blind auditions and asked to move on in the competition. We have no doubt he knows he’s good – because he is good – but we imagine it was all shocking to him nonetheless. Now that he’s well on his way to becoming a star, we thought we’d get to know him better.

1. He’s From Florida

He’s a Floridian to the bone. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida, which is a great place to grow up. However, he did not grow up there. His family, at some point, relocated to a place in South Carolina called Orangeburg, which is just a small little town without much going on. It’s not too far from Columbia, but even Columbia is not a big city like Jacksonville.

2. He is a Navy Vet

This is a man the world should be thanking for his service. He spent seven years of his life in the Navy serving this great country, putting his life on the line, and sacrificing time with his loved ones to protect and defend this great nation. We thank him for his sacrifice and for his service.

3. He is on Team Legend

When the judges turned their chairs around, it was a typical fight between John Legend and superstar Ariana Grande. They tend to have similar tastes in artists, and they both loved this one immensely. They argued, they fought, and then they remembered it’s really up to the singer to pick the judge. Paris went with Legend, much to Grande’s dismay.

4. He is Educated

He spent seven years of his life in the Navy, but he also spent time in college. He’s a graduate of the ECPI University. He has a degree in information technology networking and securities, and he puts it to good use. He found time to do what he wanted, and he found time to learn to do it the right way.

5. He is an IT Expert

With his degree, he is an IT expert. He can work in numerous fields, and he has an abundance of job security. Since the world runs on technology anymore, it’s easy for him to find work anywhere and to continue to do what he loves – outside of performing, that is.

6. He is in a Band

While it might not seem he has much free time based on his education and his work experience, he does find the time to perform his music with some friends. Winningham is part of a band. The band is called WHIM, and he’s making all the time in the world to perform with his band.

7. He is in His 30s

While no one really knows precisely when he was born, we imagine it was the late 80s. He is approximately 32, so that puts him being born something in 1989. Of course, it doesn’t entirely matter when he was born because he’s just that good that age doesn’t make a difference.

8. He is Now Team Shelton

He was shocked when he performed his version of the hit song “Tennessee Whiskey,” by Chris Stapleton, and Blake Shelton used his power to steal the singer for his own team. He was surprised by the switch, but now he’s learning from two of the best in the business, and that is never a problem. You see, he was let go by Legend when Legend chose to stick with Jershika Maple after her own performance, and Blake Shelton made the decision to steal Winningham and keep him on the show.

9. Music is His Passion

Despite the many wonderful things he’s already done with his life, he’s got such a passion for music. He has a passion for singing, for performing, and for sharing with the world. He knows he is good, and the world does enjoy listening to him sing.

10. He’s Private

While he’s shared a lot about his work history and his education, we do not know much about what he is doing behind the scenes. He’s not so big on sharing his personal life, but that is not a bad thing. He’s a star now. He should maintain as much of his own privacy as he can. John Legend

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