The Top Uses of Ariana Grande Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Ariana Grande Songs in Movies or TV

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to think or feel about Ariana Grande but it’s a little too obvious to note that her fame is hard to deny. She’s said and done a few things in her career that have left her looking anything other than good-natured or even polite, but she’s also done a lot that has quelled any haters’ ideas of labeling her as a troublemaker. Grande has been involved in charities as well as turned on the charm full force at times in order to get over with a crowd by using her voice or her people skills to remain on top.

Just being famous doesn’t mean she does things without thinking after all.

5. Beauty and the Beast-Beauty and the Beast (w/John Legend)

Who doesn’t love this song? Grande and Legend tear it up and most likely made people tear up as they heard this rendition of a song that people have come to love ever since Angela Lansbury took the reins with it back in the animated version. For the live action movie it was Emma Thompson that took over for a bit of it, but in the official music video Grande and Legend reminded people just how magical it really was.

4. 57th Annual Grammy Awards-Just A Little Bit of Your Heart

There’s something about Grande’s voice that is kind of haunting but at the same time is just intoxicating since she can croon with the best of them and always draw a crowd thanks to her voice. As a performer she’s rock solid even if as an actress and celebrity she kind of jumps off the rails at times with the things she says. Even if a person doesn’t like her as a person however it’s hard to deny that she’s easy to listen to.

3. Pitch Perfect 2-Change Your Life (w/Iggy Azalea)

This is one of the film franchises that took Hollywood by storm for a while and made some people wonder why while others fully embraced it and went on a tear trying to emulate the young women in the movie as they sang their hearts out. The songs taken from so many different artists and performed without much more than a backbeat at times were well done, but it was the songs that accompanied the movie that helped it along as well.

2. Sing-Faith (w/Stevie Wonder)

Sing is all about who’s got the talent, the faith in their abilities, and the love of the craft when it comes to making it. Singing and performing is something that a person has to feel if they’re going to go anywhere, but it’s also the ability to stand in front of a crowd and being able to allow that passion to burst forth without reservation. Those that can do this are those that are true performers and don’t fear anything in terms of what they can or can’t do.

1. Trolls-They Don’t Know

Trolls is the kind of movie you simply sit back and enjoy with your kids even though it does feature a strong moral code that is fun to see and important for today’s youth. But the music is also a great part of the movie and was something that made it watchable.

She has a great voice, which tends to make up for any shortcomings.

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