The Top Five Uses of Eddie Money Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Five Uses of Eddie Money Songs in Movies or TV

Eddie Money has been around for a while, but he’s also been up and down his career as well. He actually comes from a family where being a cop was kind of expected of him, and he even pursued a career in law enforcement to begin with. However his love for music soon overcame his need to protect and serve and he made his way out west to California where he was eventually signed to a record label and began a career that would have a great start but would eventually stall out. He battled with a drug addiction for a while and then eventually came back to his career to revive and restart it so that he could hit the top 40 charts again and reclaim his fame for a while. However at this time he’s more likely to be seen touring with other big names from the 80’s that still make their way out for concerts and appearances.

He’s been a big name for a while though, and not one we’re likely to forget.

5. Bob’s Burgers-Baby Hold On

This show could be about any burger joint that has to compete with other businesses in the area. Honestly it has about the same amount of issues that any other place would have and struggles to make ends meet with a meager following that is usually usurped by their biggest rival, the pizzeria down the street. But it’s become a bit of a favorite thanks to its comedic nature.

4. The Office-Two Tickets to Paradise

The Office is one of those comedies you really have to get into to understand. Plus it helps if you’ve ever worked in an office setting to really get what’s going on sometimes since it is very much situational humor and the kind that a lot of people might look at and scratch their heads. In some ways it’s almost as much drama as it is humor and that can be a little odd.

3. Joe Dirt-Walk On Water

Joe Dirt is the lovable loser that is so upbeat it’s hard to not like him. And then he opens his mouth and you wonder just what the charm is all about since the character is kind of a moron but is still so overwhelmingly positive about his life that he’s also very inspirational. The only trouble is that while he inspires others his life usually remains as little more than one gag after another.

2. Beavis and Butthead-Shakin’

Beavis and Butthead could make fun of just about anything or anyone given the content. It might sound foolish but since they used to be one of the top shows their words reached a lot of adolescents and even some adults on a level that was, well, somehow meaningful even it was a bit nonsensical at heart. Really, they’re not missed that much but they still showcased some of the best videos.

1. Over the Top-I Will Be Strong

This might have seemed like an odd premise for a movie, since arm-wrestling is what a lot of people tend to do on their own time without getting awards for it. But the film was actually not that bad and was more about Hawke getting his son back and starting up his own business. The arm-wrestling was a means to an end.

Eddie Money knew how to get a song stuck in your head, that’s for sure.

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