The Best Uses of Norah Jones Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Norah Jones Songs in Movies or TV

Norah Jones has a very soft-sounding voice and it’s very nice to listen to since she can lull you into a sense of calm that’s still fairly playful at the same time. She’s had an affinity for singing since she was young and developed her skill and desire throughout the years until she finally took off on her own, creating a band after being a lounger singer for a while and becoming a successful musician after a time. There’s not a lot that seems to get written or said about her at times as she’s not one of the biggest mainstream artists, but she is a very worthwhile and pleasing musician to listen to when you need to chill out for a few minutes and want to listen to someone that’s not going to lull you to sleep but can easily soothe your nerves. If you haven’t heard of her by now then it might be time to go out and find an album.

Here are some of her songs as they’ve been heard in TV and movies.

5. Norah Jones – Sunrise

This song was actually featured on one of the Now That’s What I Call Music DVD’s and was one of the few that got a fairly good spot where people could see it without having to go through so many of the others. Of course the great thing about DVD is being able to skip forward and not have to go through every other song in order to get to the one you want. But personally this is the first time I heard about Norah Jones, though she’d already been on her way to becoming a sensation by then. It was one of the most pleasing songs I’d ever heard largely because it was soft but it still had a lot of movement to it.

4. Breaking Bad – Black

Throughout this show you kind of had to wonder just how far Walter would go in order to keep his family safe and how deep he would get into the meth business while trying to secure his family’s future. The guy did a lot of questionable and just flat out wrong things, enough to last a few lifetimes over to be honest, but his motives going into it were as pure as could be, kind of. The worst part is that his family changed over the course of the show and Jesse, poor Jesse, was turned into a nervous wreck that had to take different measures just so he could sleep at night and then so he could live with himself.

3. The West Wing – Don’t Know Why

The West Wing was definitely a well-liked show that a lot of people were sorry to see go considering that certain programs detailing life in the White House are favored among a great many people. The many different stories that can be told about and within the walls of the most famous house in the United States are plentiful and the material for a good show is endless supposedly, but all good things do have to eventually come to and end. The fortunate thing is that it was made in the first place since the wide selection of shows available at any given time often leaves a lot of people wondering just what they want to enjoy on a regular basis.

2. American Wedding – The Long Day Is Over

American Wedding was thought at the time to be a fitting end to the series that had kept people laughing since the first movie and one that finally brought Jim and Michelle full circle. Of course that would be American Reunion, which hopefully is the last unless they want to show Jim and Michelle as parents of their own teenagers. But American Wedding was at least a big turning point in the lives of the original cast, minus a few since they didn’t have a few from the first movie. Weddings are after all a time of ending as well as new beginnings, a transition that a lot of us have felt and some of us weren’t ready for.

1. Runaway Jury – Heart of Mine

Runaway Jury is perhaps one of the better movies out there that was switched from it’s original story just enough to make it a little less controversial, at least for the time, than it could have been. The book was originally about a tobacco company that was in the same place as the gun company that was featured in the movie. But considering how much heat had been placed on Big Tobacco a while back it must have seemed safer to put the focus on gun control instead. It’s kind of a good thing that the movie wasn’t made in the current era, otherwise it might have suffered a great deal of backlash for such a subject.

Norah Jones is perfect for just about any movie when it comes to her music.

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