The Top Uses of The Animals Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of The Animals Songs in Movies or TV

It’s said rock and roll will never die and The Animals seem out to prove this since they’re still active after such a long and influential career. This English rhythm and blues rock band has been around since the early 60’s and have undergone a few big personnel changes but have never really lost their signature sound throughout all that time. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994, which is a great honor, and have been well known for several of their songs throughout their long history. Unfortunately during some point in their career they were hampered by poor management and had to almost reinvent themselves to really get the ball rolling again. Thankfully once they picked themselves up once more they found their way again and have been going strong ever since.

Here’s just a few examples of their songs and how they’ve been used in pop culture.

5. Westworld-House of the Rising Sun

Westworld is more or less an amusement park for your mind where you get to do pretty much anything you want without having to suffer the consequences. The only problem is that eventually the robotic hosts have started to become a little too aware of their surroundings and themselves and have made the popular experience a little more dangerous.

4. Skyfall-Boom Boom

In a way it’s a kind of passing of the torch, but not as you would expect it. Instead of Bond dying or retiring as some might think would happen it is M that passes away after being injured, therefore ushering in a new head of MI6 after a heated and lengthy battle that of course is preceded by mass destruction and a great deal of action throughout the film.

3. Strictly Come Dancing-Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

I can see how a couple would dance to this song. Honestly though I had play it in my head and imagine the movements before watching the clip the full way through. Obviously they didn’t move the same way I would have imagined but it still works and it’s still smooth enough throughout the dance to warrant being at least a little bit impressed.

2. The Animals-We Gotta Get Out of this Place

I found this clip when looking and figured it was perfect for the song and the title alone. So many young men went off to war during Vietnam that the numbers were staggering. Even more staggering however were the numbers of those that didn’t get to come home triumphant. While a lot of people wanted to serve their country there were still a lot that wanted out once they got there after finding out just what it was like.

1. Sons of Anarchy-House of the Rising Sun

I’m not sure I could have found a much better clip to represent this song than this. Sons of Anarchy was a masterfully done show for at least the first few seasons. After that it became kind of a soap opera fixated on a motorcycle club. But for that first few seasons it was raw, edgy, and just what was needed to draw in more viewers.

Just think of how many different ways The Animals have influenced pop culture.

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