The Best Uses of Gordon Lightfoot Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Gordon Lightfoot Songs in Movies or TV

One interesting fact among the many about Gordon Lightfoot is that he’s self-taught when it comes to a good deal of his music. He had lessons and was tutored for much of what would later on prove to be the core of his musical talent, but he did manage to teach him a few different instruments and was also quite adept at picking up certain things as he went along. His career has spanned for decades now and seen him win many awards and release more than a dozen albums as he’s continued to be the best that he knows how to be. Despite being based up in Canada he’s still done quite a bit in the USA and has created a following that has no doubt been the inspiration for many a person that wants to get into the music industry. He would definitely be found on a list of those that inspire people if you really ask the current artists in his genre and even a few others about who they model themselves after.

Here are a few of this songs as used in TV and movies.

5. Mr. Robot – If You Could Read My Mind

The one thing troubling about trying to bring down the system is that it begs the question of ‘now what?’. What comes after things come crashing down? Who’s to say that they’re the best person to start up a new system? Who’s to say that the new system won’t suffer the same way that the old system did. This question seems to come up throughout the show and no matter how it’s spun there’s never a truly solid answer that can explain it away. There’s always an idea of which way to go, but it’s not bound to be the best direction since humanity is inherently good but we’re also inherently bad.

4. Supernatural – Sundown

As a series this wasn’t too bad since it brought a lot of the supernatural into it and made it fun as it had two brothers trying to quell whatever disturbances they could. They were almost like a mashup of all the favorite heroes that went after ghosts and unnatural creatures that didn’t belong with humankind, and they were brothers, so it was kind of like a double bonus considering they got along fairly well a lot of the time and could work together. The show had a huge number of fans, that much is for sure, since thanks to the actors that show up in this film it was worth watching from time to time.

3. We Are Marshall – If You Could Read My Mind

When tragedy strikes and a plane carrying most of a university team crashes and kills every passenger on board, Marshall is left with the choice of perhaps shutting down the football program. Their new coach however and the town rally to keep the program and start anew with the players they still have and a few walk-ons that they accept from other sports within the university. The team isn’t the same to say the least following the tragedy as they lose their first game horribly and are obviously shaken up. But through a great deal of understanding and after finding a way to come together they begin to win once again.

2. Gordon Lightfoot – Song for a Winter’s Night

Gordon has had a remarkable career and whether people know about him or not is kind of irrelevant since he’s been around long enough to have played with some of the greats and to claim that his career has spanned well over half a century. There are a lot of musicians out there that could make such a claim but they’re growing fewer in number these days as time continues to roll on. The legends such as Gordon are starting to fade off and pass on from this world and to see that a few of them still manage to stick around year after year is kind of nice since, especially when you consider that they’re still doing what they love to do.

1. The Johnny Cash Show – For Lovin’ Me

To say that you’d sat and played your guitar with Johnny Cash would be like saying you walked with a giant back in the day. It seems like a fitting analogy since Cash was among one of the biggest names in his time and was one of the greatest performers that ever lived. Gordon has a rather extensive resume of songs, appearances, and even famous people that he’s interacted with during his long and impressive career, and it’s amazing to see just a slice of history when he was younger, to see who he got to sit beside, who he got to play music with, and how he managed to become one of the biggest stars in his time.

There’s a lot of respect to be had for people like Gordon.

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