Check Out This Harry Potter Songs Medley Done Acapella Style

Check Out This Harry Potter Songs Medley Done Acapella Style

Harry Potter Books

Acapella is an impressive singing style when it’s done in a manner that makes sense and definitely follows the source material without getting too tricky for its own good, and this is just that. The Harry Potter themes aren’t exactly complex but modulating one’s voice is hard enough sometimes that it bears stating that a lot of people just couldn’t make it happen in this manner. There are a lot of people that underestimate themselves and might be able to make something like this sound nice if they simply tried, but when listening to a group like this that has learned how to harmonize and work together in such an effective way it’s a little intimidating, to say the least. That’s why if someone does try this it’s best to remember that competing with others isn’t always the main reason why a person should practice what they enjoy, it’s so that they can learn and get better at it and gain more joy from it in the process. That’s kind of how anything works since unless there’s direct competition to be better than someone else at something, trying to outdo anyone is pointless if you can’t find the passion within the act that makes you want to do it. Singing is tough, there’s no doubt about it, and some people can do it better than others without any doubt. When saying ‘anyone can sing’ it’s best to remember that anyone can sing if they want, but when it comes to sounding nice, not everyone is going to meet that criteria.

That sounds a little mean, doesn’t it? The truth behind that statement though is that some folks are able to sing beautifully because their voices are somehow on point and they have a natural gift for singing in a way that might inspire others, while some people would make a seagull clap its wings to its head to drown out the noise. Yes, there are singers out there that are that bad. But while the Harry Potter themes aren’t too tough they’re also just complex enough that one has to pay attention to the nuances of each theme in order to make them sound right, especially when trying to harmonize with other singers. This is one thing that a lot of people don’t tend to think about when it comes to singing, the fact that every singer in a group does have an ego and they will eventually clash at some point if there’s an argument or disagreement over how the piece they’re singing is going. It’s not something that is guaranteed to happen, but it is something that CAN happen. Singers are unfortunately notorious for having tremendous egos for some reason, even though it’s entirely possible to meet someone that sings because they love to do so and not because they think that their voice is a gift from God that people are blessed to hear. Oh yes, there are those people out there too.

Some folks do have nice voices but don’t have the natural talent that others have, meaning they’ve had to work at it and put in many hours of practice that involves singing at different ranges to find which one they’re best in, taking lessons that allow them to learn what they need from experienced instructors, and then practicing some more because again, without being naturally gifted it takes time to mold a voice into something extraordinary if the raw talent isn’t there to begin with. Believe it or not, someone can be born with the passion but not the skill and can in fact be trained in a way that will allow them to stand tall with those that do have the type of natural talent that puts some of us to shame. That passion is what’s important for anyone that wants to sing, not just those that don’t have the natural talent, but anyone that wants to take what they have and put it to good use. It’s that way with pretty much anything that people enjoy doing, and it’s what’s needed when trying to recreate something like the Harry Potter themes as well. A passion for singing, and a passion, or at least a liking, for Harry Potter, is definitely needed for something such as this since otherwise, it’s tough to perform so perfectly when singing something that a person really doesn’t care about. It’s entirely possible, don’t get me wrong, but if one knows how to listen for it, there’s something missing when a person performs for something that they don’t really care about, some integral part that a person can feel isn’t there, since people who have a passion for something will generally give everything they have in order to make it the best presentation they can. Passion is important after all.

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