The Best Uses of Panic at the Disco Songs in Movies or TV

You might have heard of individuals getting kicked out of their homes and leaving their education behind to focus on their passion, but it would seem that every member of Panic! at the Disco did this same thing be it college or high school. Originally they were a cover band for Blink-182, which isn’t a terrible thing to be since they had the chance to cover some great songs in their earlier days. But when they hit it big with their own material they became one of the more well-known bands in the industry and since then have been growing their own fanbase and enjoying their own brand of fame. They’re not everyone’s favorite but then people tend to pick and choose between the vast number of bands that are out there on a regular basis and many folks have decided that they’re worth the effort.

Here are some of their songs that have appeared in movies and TV.

5. Suicide Squad – Bohemian Rhapsody

Suicide Squad managed to enlist a lot of different artists that contributed to the soundtrack, some of whom worked on the same songs together. This rendition of one of Queen’s most famous tracks is something that’s been done and redone ever since it came out and is still among the favorites of many a fan that continues to listen. The movie itself was kind of a hodgepodge of villainy since not a single member of the squad was really like one another and they all had egos that were bound to move in different directions and serve a different purpose than what they’d been brought together for. But somehow the team worked, for a little while.

4. The Vampire Diaries – Death of a Bachelor

With the onset of vampires being used as romantic devices in movies and TV the Vampire Diaries wasn’t much of a surprise when it came out but to some it might have been a little wishy-washy since the whole idea of bloodsucking monsters being filled with such intense emotions seems kind of contrary to what they really want to see. There was plenty to enjoy about the show and enough fans tended to agree but at the same time it was something that was definitely geared more towards those that believed in the romantic aspect of vampirism over the more fundamental aspect that they’re undead creatures that need to feed on blood to survive.

3. The Smurfs – Ready To Go

It feels safe to say that some folks were highly anticipating the Smurfs when it came out and some might have been rolling their eyes thinking ‘why?’ when it was released. A lot of people genuinely enjoyed the film since it did bring to life one of our childhood favorites from years back and made it into something that could be enjoyed by a new generation. But the idea of bringing it back at all is kind of offset by the thought that Hollywood isn’t too interested in being original any longer since so many remakes and reboots are coming out instead of swimming through the pool of ideas that thousands of writers contribute to every day.

2. Jennifer’s Body – New Perspective

High school is rough enough without having a friend like Jennifer, who in truth isn’t really anyone’s friend unless there’s an advantage in it for her. There’s a person like Jennifer in every school it would seem, except in this case. Jennifer is possessed by a demonic spirit, which her ‘friend’ deems to be a succubus, and has to feed on people in order to feel healthy and strong. While Jennifer has no problems doing this her friend becomes more than a little upset when Jennifer decides to choose her boyfriend as her next meal. At the end of the film Jennifer has run off, but she’s infected her friend via a bite, thereby passing some of the power along.

1. Panic! at the Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies

It seems okay to state that this is one of the main songs that turned a lot of people on to the band and got their attention initially. It’s certainly one of their songs that has been played the most on the radio, giving them the most exposure and insuring that they’d be on everyone’s minds more often than not. Despite the content of the song it’s still a lot of fun to listen to and has managed to be their big hit for a while, lasting as long as it needed to in order for the band to really get going and become something that people could get behind and claim to be true fans of. These days it’s still heard on the radio but not quite as often.

Panic! at the Disco is one of the more unusual bands that’s come along and tried to differentiate themselves from everyone, and so far it’s worked.

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