The Best Uses of Alanis Morissette Songs in Movies or TV

Alanis Morissette hasn’t been a stranger to fame for a long time since she was in several episodes of You Can’t Do That On Television when she was younger. Her music career started taking off before a lot of people realized it since by the time Jagged Little Pill came along the only real knowledge of her talent had been shared in Canada and the majority of the US had barely ever heard of her. But when the album came out she was an instant hit as her songs took off like a rocket and her fame went with it. There are a lot of songs that you can hear by Alanis even today that are considered favorites and are sung by fans all over the place. While she kind of got the reputation of being a bit loud and obnoxious at times she’s still been lauded as one of the best singers that came to prominence in the 90s.

Here are some of her songs as found in TV and movies.

5. American Idol – You Outta Know

To be honest this song should kind of worry the judges if anyone is going to sing it, regardless if they’re a male or female. It’s not the gender that matters, it’s the idea that the person can handle the song since it does hit a few notes that might be kind of difficult for just anyone to pick up. But of course the idea that a man could sing the song and make it work for them would be on a lot of peoples’ minds since Alanis has often sang from a neutral to feminine standpoint. This guy rocks this songs with a few important tweaks here and there however and makes it his own creation with respects to Alanis as he takes on the challenge and nails it.

4. Glee – You Learn

This has to be one of her best songs ever since like a few of them it starts out nice and calm and then kind of increases the tempo and feeling as it moves along. There’s not a lot of songs that Glee featured that were all that difficult to replicate, but some of them were a lot better when heard in their original tone. This one wasn’t too bad since the harmony and rhythm were on and the song itself does tend to sound quite nice when someone that actually knows how to sing takes up the lyrics and runs with them. There’s no substitute for the original, but a respectful rendition is always nice.

3. Lady Bird – Hand In My Pocket

Oh Lady Bird. She’s the kind of girl that wants something rather specific in life but she still doesn’t have a firm idea of what it is. She does want to be treated like a responsible individual but that argument becomes kind of invalid when she decides to make decisions that aren’t all that bright and then blame her life on parents that are doing their best to increase the chances of her having a future. She and her other are constantly at odds since, ding ding ding, they’re WAY too much alike and don’t seem to recognize the fact. Her father means well but he’s not the strongest influence in the world, even if he does his best.

2. The Internship – Ironic

The only thing worse than being outdated and passed by when it comes to business is not realizing it. When these two guys find out that their company has been sold and they weren’t in on the news they have virtually nothing to fall back on since they’re old-school salesmen and don’t have a whole lot of experience, virtually none, with the new style of sales. They somehow find an internship for none other than Google that puts their current skills to the test while forcing them to learn new ways of interacting with their fellow interns and integrating their old style with the new school practices.

1. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – I Remain

The overwhelming manner in which the critics kind of panned over this movie was kind of disheartening really since it was a rather fun story that had a lot of nice twists to it that could have been done a bit better but weren’t absolutely horrid. Jake Gyllenhaal as a Persian however is kind of a stretch, but if they recast this and rebooted it the film could be something worthwhile. The addition of a bit of modern-day attitude was nice since it made the film easier to watch and relate to. But the overall story was very nice since it follows a very well-known and respected plot with characters that are easy to root for and a setting that is positively brutal.

Alanis Morissette has been a favorite of many for a couple decades now, and it’s not likely to change as long as she’s around.

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