The Best Uses of Huey Lewis and the News Songs in Movies or TV

Looking over Huey Lewis’ bio you can’t help but feel the need to say ‘wow’ since the guy has been here and there and done quite a bit in his life, and that’s before he ever got into music in the first place. Thinking over what he’s done, seen, and been through, it’s not much of a wonder why some of his lyrics make so much sense now. But it almost seemed to be on the verge of going away when he enrolled in college. You could say it’s fortunate or unfortunate depending on your perspective that he dropped out of college to pursue a career in music, but obviously things worked out just fine for him since Huey and his band have been going strong now for decades. Even if they’re one of those groups that you remember fondly but don’t listen to as much it’s still enough to recognize them and understand that they played an impact, however small, on your life at one point.

Here are a few of their songs as found in movies and TV.

5. Family Guy -The Power of Love

There are a lot of things you could say about Family Guy and be dead-on accurate about. It’s vulgar, it’s boorish, and it’s definitely got a warped sense of humor that at times offends a lot of people and makes them wonder what in the world is wrong with Seth MacFarlane. But once you realize it’s all comedy and not really meant to offend anyone you can laugh and enjoy it, or change the channel. Plus, the spoofs they do of so many different shows and movies is kind of interesting since some, like the one above, are easy to point out, but others might need a person that was born or alive during that era to really make sense of it.

4. Miami Vice – Do You Believe in Love

Don Johnson was just the man in the 80s and very people would likely dispute that since he was suave, handsome, and had a way with the ladies that made them swoon just watching him on TV. That being said the show itself was kind of like his playground since his character was front and center most times and was the sole focus despite the fact that he had a partner. Anyone recall how many men tried to emulate this guy during the 80s by wearing his style of clothing, driving what he drove, and even trying to live like he did? The 80s was almost the decade of every man thinking he was a natural ladies man thanks to this guy.

3. American Psycho – Hip to be Square

There’s something so inherently creepy about someone talking about a band and their early works in such a jovial mood, especially when the other guy is three sheets to the wind and couldn’t tell the time of day if he had a digital clock blaring in his face. But somehow Patrick Bateman puts the music on, dresses up in his see-through rain jacket, and despite all this the guy on the chair isn’t worried until he finally sees the ax. But that’s the whole point of the ‘discussion’, Bateman is trying to get the guy to pay attention to him instead of the purpose for why he’s been brought to a place that’s decked out as though it’s ready for slaughter.

2. Big – Workin’ for a Livin’

Big is the kind of movie that a lot of us can relate to since there are a good number of us that have wanted to grow up way too quickly and become an adult so that we could run our own lives. The only problem with that is the fact that we have absolutely no idea what it’s going to take to really survive in a world where our parents aren’t there to help us and we have to foot the bill for everything. So Josh quickly learns that the moment you get paid doesn’t mean fun times, at least not always, it also means that you’ve got to  be a little bit responsible and do what’s necessary to survive. But there’s always time for some fun.

1. Back the Future – Power of Love

This is one of the classic movies of all time and the soundtrack just helped it to be more so since Huey Lewis shows up a couple of times. If you didn’t notice until now he’s one of the band judges in the beginning that listens to Marty jamming on the guitar and shuts him down almost immediately. Aside from that his music helped to make this movie kind of special despite the fact that many people probably thought it was a nice backdrop the movie itself. They’re right in that at least, the music was a very good fit.

They’re still out and performing today, which is pretty cool.

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