The Best Uses of Joan Baez Songs in Movies or TV

Joan Baez has been the kind of woman that, throughout her career, has always stood for something and been able to give people little more than enjoyment with her music at the same time. From the Civil Rights Movement to LGBTQ Rights and so on and so forth she’s stood for principles that speak to her humanity and her need to be in the midst of something that she believes in. Some might have called her a slew of names and labeled her as something like a bleeding heart, but one thing that Joan has managed to do throughout her career is care about others and make it loud and clear that she’s not going to stop caring just because someone says to. With a career that’s lasted for well onto six decades now you can honestly believe that she’s spread her message far and wide to more than a couple generations that are willing to listen.

Here are a few of her songs as they’ve appeared in movies and TV.

5. The Late Show with David Letterman – Me and Bobby McGee

Does anyone remember that Kris Kristofferson sang a bit during his career, or that David Letterman had one of the top rated shows on late night? Well yes, yes people probably did know about Letterman since he’s not quite that old, but it seems fair enough to say that a lot of people might have forgotten that Kris did pick up a guitar more than once and performed on stage. This time however it almost seems as though Baez really drowned Kristofferson out since he only seems to be mumbling while she’s really getting into it. It could have been just a bad night for him though, it happens.

4. Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust

Storyteller is a movie that focuses on a strange but enchanted girl that helps to stabilize an otherwise ailing family. The songs of Baez have been used in many different ways but sometimes they carry a very inherent tone that can be made to create a kind of special effect in a movie that they’re used in, almost as though the songs were written so that they could be adaptable for just about anything that a producer or director wants to use them for. In this story it brings a nice touch of the older music to a more modern story that is meant to pull at the heartstrings and allow the audience to understand the struggle that’s going on throughout the movie.

3. Joan Baez – Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Orange Is The New Black was a hard show for some people to get into while others found it exceedingly easy to like. It is one of those shows that seems to be a drama wrapped up in a blanket of humor that’s kind of threadbare in some spots but very thick in others. The show has gained the attention of many people since it is fairly easy to watch most times but at others it’s a little cringe-worthy more for the subject matter than anything. For a show that’s focused entirely around a women’s prison and what goes on within the walls however it’s an amusing and very powerful program that tugs at the emotions almost immediately after making you laugh at something that might make you feel guilty for it.

2. Woodstock – Joe Hill

Woodstock was insane, crazy, and a great time for many people since it was one of the biggest events that’s ever been held in the history of music. Just to have been there in that time and to be a part of it would have satisfied a great many individuals that still idolize those that remain from those days. The experience would have been unreal, and the chaos that went on during the event was likely something that a lot of people just rode like a wave since if you look at old footage there was almost nothing that could have been done with all the people that showed up to this insane show. The only thing that they could do was entertain them, and they did just that.

1. Sharp Objects – Love is Just a Four-Letter Word

Sometime there’s a reason for keeping a healthy distance between yourself and your family, as Camille probably knows better than most. When she has to return to her hometown however to investigate the deaths of two young women she reunites with her family for a bit and this causes obvious distress that she wasn’t planning on. The memories of her childhood and how her sister perished begin to crowd in, interfering with her work and making her stay all the more miserable since she seems to have little to nothing in common with them any longer. Sometimes family time just isn’t the answer.

Joan Baez is still performing to this day despite being in her 70s.

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