The Best Uses of Trisha Yearwood Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Trisha Yearwood Songs in Movies or TV

Country music is certainly taking a big upturn these days and Trisha Yearwood along with many other artists are being lauded once again as some of the greatest the genre has to offer. It’s only fair and entirely accurate since to be honest so many people that have been mentioned lately have done a great amount of work in pushing the genre and changing it just enough to allow new and upcoming generations of fans to enjoy it even more. Trisha got her start many years ago and has been entertaining her audiences ever since with great renditions of her own songs along with a few that she’s borrowed from other artists upon request. To this day she’s still performing and is still one of the top favorites of many country fans around the world and even some that like country but don’t follow it.

Here are some of her songs as used in TV and movies.

5. Touched by an Angel – Walkway Joe

Touched By An Angel was the kind of show that you might have wanted to watch if you really needed a pick me up. It’s almost the religious equivalent of Quantum Leap, save for the fact that the angels don’t become the people they’re trying to help. Throughout the show however the angels do attempt to help various people who are at a crossroads in their own lives and don’t know which way to turn. Despite being mostly entertainment it was also a show that held a very valuable set of moral lessons that could be divined by those that listened carefully and took what was important out of each episode.

4. Stuart Little – You’re Where I Belong

Making his way out of the children’s books and onto the big screen was kind of a leap of faith for the character known as Stuart Little since in the books his adventures were plenty, but in the movie they only had so much time to really flesh out the story and make sure that enough content was put in to make it worthwhile. But all in all it was great for a kids movie since it showed how Stuart was adopted, how he was brought home to a loving family, and how he had to win over his new brother in an attempt to bond. Of course the scenes with the cat were simply hilarious since a mouse having a pet cat is pretty funny when you think about it.

3. Honeymoon in Vegas – (You’re The) Devil in Disguise

Las Vegas is where it all happens of course, and there are enough movies on the subject to prove it, including this one. When Jack essentially loses his fiance in a poker game, there’s more to it but he deals her in with her approval since they owe a lot of money, he has to fight like crazy to get her back. The guy that he loans her to decides that he’s going to try and keep Jack away from her as much as possible and after a stint in Hawaii he returns to Vegas, leading Jack on a crazy chase that finally sees him jumping from a plane with a bunch of flying Elvis impersonators to win back the heart of his fiance.

2. Con Air – How Do I Live

If you’re wondering about it already, yes, LeAnn Rhimes did in fact sing this song, but she wasn’t selected to sing this song for Con Air. Instead Trisha Yearwood was called up to sing the song based on the decision of someone in charge. The movie as you might already know is all about an Army Ranger that was convicted after inadvertently killing a man in self-defense and was on his way home to his family. Unfortunately for him a group of dangerous convicts came up with a plan to hijack the plane and make their way towards Mexico, killing anyone that got in their way, including other convicts.

1. Hope Floats – To Make You Feel My Love

Hope Floats shows that how you act as a younger person can in fact affect your life moving on. When Birdee and her daughter have to move back in with her mother following a horrid embarrassment on live TV it becomes a struggle to readjust to life in her old hometown.  Being the queen bee in high school and treating everyone like dirt can come back to haunt a person even if they’ve turned over a new leaf and are struggling just to make a life that they can be proud of. Thankfully she has a great deal of support in this endeavor and despite the hardships she ends becoming a better person for it and someone that can learn from her mistakes.

Trisha has certainly come a long way from where she started and has earned her way to the top.

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