The Best Uses of Brad Paisley Songs in Movies or TV

You could say that Brad Paisley got a big lift in his musical career from his entire town since a lot of people helped him to the top from his family to his fellow townsfolk. It’s kind of obvious he came from the type of background where people were excited to see one of their own interested in becoming someone great and would do just about anything to make it happen. From the time he was 8 he started learning how to play the guitar until he was good enough to perform in front of bigger and bigger crowds, until finally after attending Belmont University in Nashville he was given a contract and from that point on the story kind of tells itself. He’s been seen to be extremely popular on the music scene, and as of late he’s been seen with Peyton Manning in the Nationwide commercials that are kind of amusing.

Here are some of his songs as used on TV and in movies.

5. Cars 3 – Truckaroo

It would seem that Cars kind of got back on track since the second movie went a little bit out of the way of the main story. Lightning McQueen is after all a race car and not an international spy, nor is Mater. But getting back to the track was obviously not meant to be an easy thing since racing has changed quite a bit in real life and in the movies. When faced with retirement since he can’t keep up with the new and speedier cars Lightning has to find a way to compete or finally face the long retirement that he knew would come one day. Thankfully he finds a protege that can help him stay within the racing circuit, even if he’s relegated to being a pit boss.

4. South Park – I Swear

You know when a person is placed on this show that they’re going to be mocked or ridiculed in some way, and to some it’s become kind of a badge of honor since getting bent out of shape about it isn’t really going to hurt the creators’ feelings at all. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have picked on a great number of celebrities and to be honest a lot of them have kind of just let it go after a while even if they did happen to hear about it. The great thing about this show is that once you realize that it’s all a matter of opinion then it’s easy to stop yourself from being offended and just laugh along with everyone else.

3. American Idol – Then

Considering that this was started as one of the many shows that is for the development of new talent it seems like it would be a treat to have someone famous come on and kind of show the contestants what they have to do in order to really make it in the music industry. The musical guests were simply there to liven the show up a bit and keep the ratings up, but they turned out to be a great thing for the inspiration of the contestants as they could only sit and dream about what it would be like to be up on that stage and have the rapt attention of everyone in the place without exception.

2. Justified – You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive

Raylan Givens is almost like a cowboy crossed with a lawman, his methods aren’t always appreciated by his superiors or the people he’s after since he tends to whip his gun out a little too quickly for the liking of others and uses it far too often for the kind of job he has. But when he’s transferred back to a Kentucky town where he grew up things get a little more tense since he has to find a way to deal with the past and let things just sit as they are while still doing his job. Timothy Olyphant was a perfect pick for this role since he’s got the whole cool attitude but quick and itchy trigger finger routine down.

1. Brad Paisley w/Alisson Kraus – Whiskey Lullaby

First of all, yes, everyone recognized the grown-up Ricky Schroeder from Silver Spoons. He didn’t even have to say that much, he’s that recognizable. But second, the song was just too good to keep off this list since it was one of many that became immensely popular the moment it was put on the radio and delivered to the public. The saddening tale of a man coming home from war to find his betrothed, or girlfriend, in bed with another man was enough to anger anyone, but the subsequent drinking binge he went on to forget her was even worse. This kind of pain just never goes away since there’s not enough alcohol in the world to forget such a betrayal.

Brad Paisley has set himself up as one of the best in the music industry and deserves that kind of recognition.

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