Five Things You Didn’t Know about Noel Wells

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Noel Wells

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Noel Wells

Noel Wells is an American actress, musician, director, and writer. She seems like the kind of person that has always wanted something but has had to find ways around being unable to get it so that she could achieve her goals. Thankfully it’s kind of obvious that she’s managed to do just this since she’s in her current position and is gracing these pages as a celebrity. While there’s so many celebrities out there to notice she still stands out as one of the self-professed goofier people that just wants to make the world laugh a bit.

Laughter is after all one of the things in life that makes it worth living.

5. She performed in a comedy show during college.

During her college years she performed in a group known as Esther’s Follies. She obviously liked to perform in front of people and create a very good vibe through the act of making others laugh. That’s a laudable trait really since too many people tend to take life a little too seriously at times. Those that make others laugh tend to have a big heart and want to leave the world better than they found it.

4. She’s a big believer in YouTube.

Wells is definitely a believer in the fact that YouTube is one of the most popular and useful ways to become known. Since it was brought online people have been using it for a variety of reasons. Among the most popular is to get themselves known and possibly famous by uploading videos of all sorts for people to watch, like, and subscribe to in order to boost their numbers and their ratings.

3. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be in movies.

Noel professes to be one of the many kids that was kind of babysat by the TV as her parents were either off working or had things to do to make their household operate as it should. So this meant that she spent a lot of time in front of the TV. This seems like it was inspirational however as she dreamed of being on TV in some way when she was young and kept that dream alive as she got older.

2. She’s always been into parodies.

Wells loves a good spoof and can’t resist turning just about anything into a parody if she gets the chance. In school she admits that she took every opportunity to turn whatever she was doing into a play, parody, or spoof of some sort that was meant to entertain people and make them laugh. She seems like she would have been the oddball in the group, which she also fully admits.

1. She was born two days before Christmas.

This is apparently why her parents chose to name her Noel and it made having a birthday kind of tough. Anyone with a birthday in December is inherently given a rather hard birthday to really celebrate since the idea of giving gifts on two separate occasions for this month is kind of stressful. But her parents always tried to do something special.

She seems like a very down to earth and fun-loving woman.

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