5 Stunning Facts About Penelope Cruz That Will Inspire You.


Penelope Cruz


Nickname the Spanish enchantress. Penelope Cruz is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. At 47 years old, she is as beautiful as the day she first stepped on the screen, and her presence continues to captivate the audience.

And over the last 30 years as an actress, we will say she has seen it all. All the highs and lows of what it takes to be a star. And has achieved everything you can dream of as an actress. From fighting her way through Hollywood objectification to prove that she is not just a pretty face to winning multiple Awards, one of which is an Oscar, and starring in virtually all genres of movies available. Penelope Cruz has overcome her huddles. She’s a legend in her own right to be respected. And there are many things to learn about this Hollywood veteran.

So, I bring you five stunning facts about Penelope Cruz that will inspire you

1. Penelope Cruz is the First and only Spanish Actress to both Win and be Nominated for an Academy Award.

Penelope Cruz

Credit: @penelopecruzofficial

Penelope Cruz is the first Spanish actress to win  Academy Award. And it didn’t stop there. She is also the first and only Spanish actress to win and be nominated for an Academy award. Isn’t this huge? To be first at anything is no easy job. To be the first in your race to achieve anything is a powerful legendary accomplishment. Penelope Cruz did it in high heels and big smiles, flicking her long gorgeous black hair and slaying doubters along the way. She deserves not just her flowers for this achievement. She deserves all the applause and accolades available for such a great feat.


2. She is the First Spanish Woman to Receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Penelope Cruz

Credit: @penelopecruzofficial

At 36 years old, just 16 years into her Hollywood career Penelope Cruz cemented her Legacy with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What is even more astonishing is considering that Penelope Cruz barely speak English when she took her first Hollywood role. You have to be cut from a different cloth to achieve so much in so little time. And also, with such a gigantic obstacle as language barriers. Penelope Cruz shows us that nothing is impossible and no barrier can stand in way of your dreams, no obstacle and no limitation. What a great inspiration!


3. She Started her Hollywood Career Unable to Speak English

Penelope Cruz

Credit: @penelopecruzofficial

When Penelope Cruz left the comfort of Spanish acting, where she was already cruising to success, and decided she would try her skills in Hollywood, she was 20 years old and could only speak two sentences in English. They are “how are you?” and “I want to work with Johnny Depp,” but still this doesn’t deter her from believing that she will be successful, and she did. Her move is nothing short of bravery. She conquers the length and breadth of Hollywood,  amassed many awards, and becomes one of the top richest women in Hollywood


4. Penelope Cruz has Starred in all the Genres of Movies Available.

One thing you have to know is that it has nothing to do with luck to be this versatile to the extent that you can play any role of acting effortlessly. It takes top-tier discipline, hard work, and an uncommon level of intelligence to be able to do this. Penelope Cruz is one of the few actors who can play any role in any genre of movie. Her work rate is unmatched. She crosses effortlessly between acting in Spanish movies and Hollywood with ease. Do you know what is most amazing? She didn’t just conquer Hollywood. She Conquers the Spanish movie industry as well


5. She Learned to Pave Her Way From Childhood.

Penelope Cruz

Credit @penelopecruzofficial

Even as a kid, Penelope Cruz was a force of nature. She described herself as an extroverted kid. She would study for high school at night and at the same time was doing ballet and casting. She’s someone who knows what she wants to do early in life and works tirelessly for it.

At 13, she had lied that she was 15 while putting calls through to her agent for casting roles. And even though she was rejected multiple times, she refused to quit. Eventually, because of her zealousness, her agent decided to give her a try. And guess what? She only needed that one chance to prove that she meant business. Her agent said in her interview that watching her that day, it was very clear she was way ahead of every other kid her age. Her agent was completely blown away by her acting skills and composure on stage.

Considering all that Penelope Cruz has to achieve and all she has had to overcome, her story is nothing but an inspiration.

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