Which “Grey’s Anatomy” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Grey’s Anatomy” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Since its hit premiere, nearly 20 years ago, Grey’s Anatomy has been providing us with weekly drama and steamy romances; along with medical mysteries and iconic friendships (uhm hello, Christina and Meredith forever). Shonda Rhimes created a dynamic ensemble of characters, each with their own arcs, motivations, and unique personalities. It’s in this ensemble that we can find every zodiac sign represented, with absurd accuracy. So let’s scrub in, and break down some of the most popular characters from Grey’s Anatomy!

Aries – Alex Karev

You saw this coming, right, Aries? Karev is everything we love and hate about your sign. He’s impulsive, headstrong, and (typically) self-centered; but he’s also capable of great empathy and connection when he allows himself to achieve it. You are full of passion, Aries, and have no care for what others might think of you. Your genuine confidence is unshakable, making you adventurous, but it can also cloud judgement. And don’t even get me started on what he did to Jo, that was a total Aries move; thinking with impulsivity instead of forethought.

Taurus – Richard Webber

Taurus, you’re represented by the incomparable Richard Webber. You are stubborn, which can be a problem sometimes, but it also helps you stand your ground. You’re a consistent rock for the people around you, and you don’t like to dig up your roots from the place they are at. Change isn’t very welcome in your mind, but you recognize its inevitability. You like being with partners who can take charge and let you relax, Taurus, since you so often take the drivers seat in other aspects of life (i.e. Catherine Avery and Ellis Grey).

Gemini – Owen Hunt

Gemini, you represent the duality in all of us. As the twin sign, you’re perpetually unsure of yourself, bouncing between moments of great ego and low self-esteem. You’re inclined to a victim mentality, which can impact your success in work and relationships. All that aside, like Owen, you step up for the people you love, and would gladly give them all that you have. You can get lost in relationships, with your ability to socially camouflage, but remember to always be yourself, Gemini.

Cancer – Arizona Robbins

You can be complicated, Cancer. While you have a high regard for the rules and status quo, you also recognize that some situations require those rules and norms to be broken. You’re never the first to speak up, which can stop you from making mistakes, but it also makes you seem self-advantageous. You make decisions with your heart often times, and that can get in the way of good decision-making if you let it. Don’t be afraid to speak up, Cancer, and let go of some of those long-standing grudges.

Leo – Jackson Avery

We all knew Jackson was a Leo. His world revolves around him, and it can be difficult for him to see the bigger picture or perspective. You’re a natural leader, Leo (the ultimate  ‘Gunther’), and you naturally take control of most situations. That craving for control can get out of hand if unchecked, and can negatively impact your personal relationships. While you might struggle to see other perspectives, remember that not everyone thinks like you, and you don’t always have the answer, Leo; and that’s ok.

Virgo – Miranda Bailey

Who else could share Beyoncé’s sign but the iconic Miranda Bailey? You can be the big boss in charge (and it’s often where you’re comfortable), but you also know when to take the backseat. You’re incredibly dedicated to your work, and if you’re not striving to be the best, you don’t believe it’s worth doing. You’re consistent, hard-working, and strong, often being the pillar for family and friends to lean on. Keep bossing, Virgo, and don’t let insecurities creep up on your self-worth.

Libra – April Kepner

You’re a loaded potato, Libra. While your general nature is to balance the bigger personalities around you, there’s also situations in which you take charge. You’re the master of none, but that isn’t a bad thing; it means you know a lot about many things (as the great balancer of the zodiac). You’re one of the more conservative and traditional signs when it comes to society’s norms, and you’re comfortable with the status quo. You’re not very good with change, but that is often ironed out with the obvious love you have for the people around you.

Scorpio – Christina Yang

No surprises here, Scorpio. Christina represents your confidence, passion, and air of mystery. You like to keep personal matters to yourself, and can often have a revolving door of lovers (due to your lowered empathy). You don’t make friends very easily, even though you are often very funny; but the friends you do have are more like family to you. You can be overly aggressive sometimes, intimidating the people around you, but if they get to know you, they’ll realize your water sign truth; you’re a big sweetheart on the inside.

Sagittarius – Mark Sloan

You don’t take yourself too seriously, Sag. Like the original McSteamy, you can be very pleasure-oriented, without the forethought that life sometimes requires. You are a natural charmer, and have no trouble finding your way in social situations. You’re the ultimate party animal, but that can often lead to trouble. You’re the master of spontaneity, but remember that sometimes plans can come in handy; as you’re not the quickest thinker on your feet, Sag.

Capricorn – Meredith Grey

No one could say you aren’t driven, Capricorn. Like Meredith, you have a singularly focused mind, and do extremely well under pressure. You’re a master of categorizing and prioritizing, knowing what needs done now and what can be done later. Your general distaste for vulnerability can stunt personal relationships, but it also encourages your grand gestures of passion (see ‘Pick me! Choose me!’). Your creed is to keep going, Capricorn, and it makes you one of the toughest zodiacs to crack.

Aquarius – Amelia Shepherd

You’re independent, Aquarius, and that’s always at the forefront of your mind when making decisions. Much like Amelia, you’ve got a wicked sense of humor, and people are naturally drawn to your charisma. You embrace your flaws and make them strengths (i.e. Amelia’s drug abuse past), and you aren’t afraid to rise to challenges. Your intellect and creativity is unmatched by many of the other signs, so it can be hard for you to make deep connections, but you never let that stop you from trying, Aquarius!

Pisces – Maggie Pierce

Pisces, Maggie is a great example of when you take charge and really figure out who you are. She’s kind, severely empathetic, and giving; but that never stops her from putting her foot down when she needs to. You’re used to facing adversity, so you’re often very good with change and you embrace life’s challenges. Sometimes your Good Samaritan nature can get you taken advantage of, but you’ve decided that if you help even one person; it was worth it.Grey’s Anatomy

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