Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 8 Review: “Chapter Thirty”

Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 8 Review: “Chapter Thirty”

Jane the Virgin

It’s been a long wait for the midseason finale of Jane the Virgin. It was completely worth it, since Jane is in need of one, if not several, Christmas miracles.

Jane is still unbelievably furious with Rafael over his betrayal. While she is a very understanding person, you do not want to get on her bad side. She is desperate to stay calm with Rafael for Mateo’s sake. That doesn’t exactly work out well as Jane gets so mad she yells at Santa. Luckily, she has another target for her anger: the amoral. backstabbing friend who used the Solanos as public fodder in a gossip magazine. When she calms down, she realizes she can use her former friend to find out what else Rafael has been hiding from her. All she ends up discovering is that Rafael has been donating money to a domestic abuse charity.

Rogelio reminds Xiomara that he still hurts over being kept away from Jane, so it’s not fair for Jane to try to do the same to Rafael and Mateo. Jane and Rafael agree to go to therapy. The therapist (who I swear is using Non-Violent Communication methods) gets these two to see the situation from each other’s perspective. The biggest thing Jane realizes about herself is that she is sensitive to being lied to because of the 23 years she lost with Rogelio because of her mother’s lie. It’s something she needs to work on.

For all his good intentions, Rogelio really is careless with his money. When Jane discovers Rogelio set up a fake scholarship to cover her tuition, she has to scramble for new ways to pay for school. Her imagination runs wild trying to write short stories for a scholarship while she’s on an anger high. This is the point where I fall head over heels for her advisor. Not only does he force Jane to branch out of her comfort zone in her writing, but he also gets her a job as a teaching assistant for next semester by getting her enemy kicked out of the program for breaking university policy.

While Jane is still pining for Michael, she has no idea that he was never really fired from the police department. Finally able to publicly reveal this knowledge, we come back to the realization that the new crime boss he is looking for is none other than Mia Alver, Luisa’s mother. Luisa is heartbroken to realize her mother chose a life of crime over her own daughter. She’s also forced to tell the police that she has been communicating with Rose for months, making Rafael furious. Seeing his mother again does not help his mood.

Jane may have a humbug attitude, but she is not having the worst Christmas. That honor goes to Petra. She’s starting the holiday season cleaning blood off her living room floor after disposing of a dead body. She is so stressed her high blood pressure goes through the roof affecting her pregnancy. She finally can’t take it anymore and confesses all to Rafael, and I do mean all. When all is said and done, Rafael actually appreciates Petra’s honesty and tells her he will help get her mother out of their lives. Magda smells betrayal first and decides to set her daughter up to take the fall for Ivan’s murder instead. Bah Humbug.

Rogelio sees this rift with Rafael as an opportunity for he and Michael to get their bromance back. He arranges to accidentally on-purpose run into Michael to ask if they can still be friends, but Michael declines because of the complications with Jane and the Mutter investigation. Rogelio’s sad mood worsens because he cannot find his next big project. There is where his new intern JD is able to help. JD has written a beautiful script for Rogelio to work on, giving hope for the New Year. The Villanueva family gets a few more miracles to boot! Michael fixes the Villanueva Christmas Tree Angel, which was hand carved by the late Abuelo Mateo years ago, and as if he was smiling down on them, Abuela Alba finally gets her green card.

Feliz Navidad a todos! See you in the New Year, hopefully when Gina Rodriguez can win the Golden Globe two years in a row!

[Photo credit: Scott Everett White/The CW]

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