Disney is Starting to Listen to the Fans

Disney is Starting to Listen to the Fans
Disney is Starting to Listen to the Fans

credit: Star Wars

Fans might want to check if the ground beneath their feet is chillier than normal since a lot of folks might have thought that a certain location might have frozen over before Disney decided to listen to the fans regarding two of their most popular franchises. The MCU and Star Wars have come a long way since being taken on by the Mouse House, and to be fair; the MCU is still pushing forward with a great deal of strength. Even the Star Wars franchise is still moving forward, but not in the same strides that the MCU has accomplished. Both franchises have had their issues in recent years since there have been plenty of missteps regarding both universes. Movies have done poorly, TV shows have missed the mark in the eyes of the fans, and yet Disney appears to have pushed onward with the thought that things are still salvageable at this point. In all honesty, neither franchise is flatlining at this time since there’s still plenty of content out there that has kept people interested, and there are still plenty of ideas inbound that should keep fans coming back. But the idea that Disney is now listening to the fans and has decided to recalibrate is a stunning revelation since, like it or not; it’s unexpected. 

Disney is Starting to Listen to the Fans

credit: MCU

Star Wars started dropping the ball in a cinematic sense

This has been happening since the sequel trilogy came out initially; it was great to see the main story return, given that it had been years since the prequels and many fans were still willing to drag episodes I-III through the dirt in their attempt to state what was wrong with the franchise. The TV series that started being released a while ago began to hold the majority of the franchise’s success since they catered to the fans in many ways and were largely dominated by the idea of the Clone Wars since this was one of the most volatile storylines in the franchise at the time. It feels accurate to say, however, that the movies fired on a few cylinders but weren’t perfect from start to finish, considering how many people decided to take issue with the manner in which the sequel trilogy was put together. 

Disney is Starting to Listen to the Fans

credit: Disney

The cinematic future of Star Wars is an important step forward

It has been mentioned more than once that there are movies in the planning stage, but at this time, it feels as though said movies might not be as possible as some might want to think. Of course, it’s tough for fans to know how to feel when a movie is said to be in development, then scrapped, then back on, and then scrapped again. Moving forward, it will be necessary for the Mouse House to let the creative team take a different direction and possibly incorporate other stories that fans have been trying to support. While Disney might not want to admit at this time that the EU could help the cinematic future of Star Wars in a big way if several of the storylines were brought to the big screen. If the Mouse House is really going to listen to the fans, it might be time to step outside of its comfort zone to give rise to some of the best storylines that Star Wars has ever known. 

This might not mean that Disney will adopt the comic book stories entirely

It’s been said more than once that Disney doesn’t want to follow the panel of the comic book by the panel since these stories have been told and the Mouse House and the many directors that have been brought in want to tell original stories that have similar storylines. That’s all well and good, but if the Mouse House wants to listen, it’s time to recognize what people want. If Disney is going to listen to the fans, and it sounds as though this might happen, then things might change quite a bit in the years ahead. 

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