5 Actors Who Could Help Star Wars

5 Actors Who Could Help Star Wars
Karl Urban Hints That 'The Boys' S4 Will Finish Filming By 2022 End

credit: The Boys

Star Wars has been subjected to one opinion or another over the years, and it has a lot to do with the direction that the franchise has been taken in, or rather, the multiple directions that it’s been taken in.

Back in the 70s, when this idea was first brought to the public, it was still fairly simple, no matter how many twists and turns the franchise has taken since then. But one thing that has helped to make Star Wars was it is the actors that have taken part in the overall saga and how they’ve portrayed the characters they’ve been given.

Legends have been created, and characters that people would rather forget have been rolled out to see how they might track with the fanbase. Plenty of big names have been rolled out and convinced to take part in this franchise, and some of them have done quite well when it’s come to the fans’ reactions. How this franchise will be viewed in the days and years to come could depend upon who is enticed to join the cast.

Here are five actors that could possibly help the Star Wars franchise.

5. Maggie Q.

Maggie Q pulls off stunts in 'The Protégé' while recuperating from a spine surgery - Entertainment News

credit: The Protege

Maggie has managed to place herself in more than one movie that had supernatural elements, so perhaps she would be a good fit for Star Wars as a Jedi, a Sith, or just someone that has otherworldly qualities that might set her against one group or another.

She’s a fun actress to watch since she’s skilled at her craft, and her physical act is impressive as well. Where to put her wouldn’t require too much effort, but getting her interested might take a bit of discussion as well as the right role. It does feel as though she would be a great person to use as a Jedi or pilot or perhaps even a bounty hunter.

4. Michael Shannon

Man of Steel: Michael Shannon Reveals His Favorite Scenes

credit: Man of Steel

There’s only one type of role that it feels comfortable to place Shannon in when it comes to Star Wars, and it would be that of a villain. For one reason or another, Michael Shannon comes off as a great villain type.

His overall look is quite severe and makes it clear that he’s not to be messed with, or it can even give the impression that he’s kind of a petulant villain that deserves whatever comeuppance that he’s about to get.

This guy doesn’t feel like he would be a great Sith lord, but he could be a syndicate boss or someone even more powerful. He might even be a great addition to the First Order or another remnant of the Empire.

3. Amy Adams

And So It Begins...: In Character: Amy Adams

credit: The Fighter

It’s very easy to imagine Amy Adams as a regal addition to the story or perhaps as a down-and-dirty spacer that knows the ins and outs of the hyperspace lanes like the back of her hand.

As royalty, it could be that she would be perfect to bring in the Hapes Consortium from the Legends canon, whether she was the queen mother or Tenel Ka, the daughter of the queen who also became a Jedi at one point. It could be that she might be one of the more popular names to enter the franchise if she were able to be convinced. If nothing else, it does feel that she could help to usher in a part of the story that’s been long overdue in coming.

2. Jim Caviezel

The Count of Monte Cristo: The Man [Quote] | Jim caviezel, Monte cristo, James caviezel

credit: The Count of Monte Cristo

Jim is a fun actor since he could be a protagonist or antagonist and be just as convincing. His acting is underrated more often than not since he does tend to take on roles that allow him to remain quiet and calm instead of animated and lively. But when pressed to do so, he can become the actor that he needs to be, and it’s been shown in several movies.

Seeing him as a spacer, a person of authority or even a Jedi that’s been in hiding since the Purge would be kind of interesting, but it’s easy to think that if he did join the franchise, he might be placed in a position that would elevate him above many others.

1. Karl Urban

The Boys Season 4 Seemingly Confirmed By Karl Urban

credit: The Boys

Right now, Karl Urban is a hot commodity for anyone to latch onto since he was still relatively unknown during his time in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but he started coming up in a big way later on.

Given that he’s been a part of the science fiction and fantasy genres, it would be simple to put him in Star Wars and give him a strong, roguish role that might suit him. It would be fun to see him as a wild card, much as he’s been in The Boys, but it would also be fun to see him as a straight-laced character that has a rebellious streak. Anyway, he could be brought in and would be fun to see.

Sometimes the right actor can make a lot of difference.

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