5 Reasons Why The MCU is Not That Interesting

5 Reasons Why The MCU is Not That Interesting
5 Reasons Why The MCU is Not That Interesting


There are bound to be a lot of people who are more than willing to argue with me on this point, but the fact is that the MCU has hit a serious plateau even if there are plenty of ideas still incoming. Back in 2008, when Iron Man came in and rocked everyone’s senses, slightly, it was believed that he might be a one-off and that we wouldn’t be seeing anything much from Marvel. Go on, admit it, not a lot of people thought Marvel would do much since Blade, Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and even the X-Men had done well enough, but since none of them were connected it didn’t feel like anything was going to come from it. But those at Disney and those within the MCU had other plans since here we are at the current moment wondering what else the MCU will roll out. But the sad part is that a lot of people don’t care anymore, or have at the very least lost a lot of the breathless anticipation that they had back when the Avengers were still coming together. As of now, it kind of feels that a lot of that excitement has faded, and there hasn’t been anything worth building up for again. 

Below are a few reasons that could explain why the MCU isn’t that interesting any longer. 

5 Reasons Why The MCU is Not That Interesting


5. They’ve killed off some of the greatest characters. 

This needs more explanation since the MCU has either killed off some of its greatest characters or let them slip away without first replacing them. A new Captain America is coming that does mirror the comics, and death is never that much of an impediment in Marvel comics. But it’s already been confirmed, with at least a few characters, that yes, they are dead and won’t be seen again. The problem with this is that by bringing in the multiverse, that idea is going to need to be walked back since with so many different universes, there’s always the chance that the same characters are going to exist in one reality or another. Death is a tricky thing in the comics, and even more so in movies that are based on comic books. 

4. The power levels and skill sets of the characters have been altered too much. 

As much as this has been brought up in the past couple of years, it still bears stating that altering one hero or villain can cause a few issues. While it’s true that things change continually in the comics, bringing those changes to the movies immediately without showing how a character earns their abilities, or the control they need over them, rubs a lot of fans the wrong way. The MCU has been doing this for a little while now, but it didn’t start out doing such a thing. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and even Hulk had to earn the focus and control that they have over their abilities. While being powerful is not a bad thing for any character, it’s easier for fans to identify with the heroes, or the villains, when it’s shown that they do have to suffer or at least work a bit to harness the power that they’re given. 

5 Reasons Why The MCU is Not That Interesting


3. It does feel as though the MCU needs a serious overhaul. 

With characters dying, actors leaving, and the overall landscape changing so rapidly that it’s tough to keep up with it, the MCU doesn’t feel stable at this time. I could be completely off the mark, but it does appear that the MCU could benefit from another look to make certain that things are going the way they need to, just so a disaster can be averted if possible. Some folks might think that sounds ridiculous, that things are going just as they should, but the truth is that the more things expand, the likelier it feels that they’ll collapse at some point. 

2. The MCU should be its own entity. 

Maybe it’s time to pull away from Disney so that the MCU can do its own thing? There’s a huge problem with that obviously since it’s impossible to think that Disney is going to sell off the MCU to just anyone, especially if they’re not packing a wallet that can contain the amount of money the Mouse House would want. So long as this cash cow can be milked it does appear that Disney is going to keep going, and going, and…you get it. 

1. In a big way, the MCU became the institution and has abandoned the core ideas. 

When something new comes along and presents itself as a brand new idea that is fresh, innovative, and exciting, it’s not difficult at all to get into the groove and just go with it. But after a while, it does feel that things become a bit too mechanical and stale. The MCU has this feel now, and despite everything that’s still to come, it does feel as though a lot of the material we’re about to see is going to be insanely predictable

A reboot of the MCU in its entirety could work, maybe. 

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