Five Comedians That Have An Issue with PC Culture

Five Comedians That Have An Issue with PC Culture

There’s been a debate going around for a while, especially in the past several years, about whether or not PC culture is killing comedy or if comedy’s evolution is due to the idea that what used to be funny hasn’t aged well, which means it needs to change anyway. The trouble with this is that if everything does need to evolve it sometimes means leaving behind some of the greatest movies we’ve ever experienced and admittedly the type of humor that doesn’t work with or for everyone today. That brings up yet another problem, all types of comedy have never worked for everyone on any given day since there’s always something that will offend someone in everyday life, let alone a comedy act. The thing about comedy however is that it’s meant to bring joy but also make fun of the iniquities of life and the hardships, since otherwise, life becomes a little harder and a lot less capable of being weathered if we’re not allowed to laugh at some of the harsher realities it has to offer. Some might want to disagree with this and many tend to on a regular basis, but remaining PC to spare the feelings of a few tends to harm the chances of the many to laugh at something that might not be as big of an issue as people tend to make it. Again, there are a lot of angles to debate this matter from.  Here are a few comedians that believe that PC culture is one of the issues assaulting comedy today. 

5. Daniel Lawrence Whitney

Otherwise known as Larry the Cable Guy, Daniel made his stance clear that people were and likely still are acting like entitled babies that can’t handle an aspect of life that a lot of people tend to enjoy, even those who belong to groups that might be used in comedic routines from time to time. One thing about humor is that it is very subjective and will often be used to describe and depict whatever is going on in the world at the moment. The downside these days is that, as Daniel has said, people aren’t capable of handling the material and want to cry about things that they feel are out of bounds. 

4. Jerry Seinfeld

A good number of comedians won’t visit colleges for their routines any longer since the general idea is that you can’t say anything without offending one person or another given that everything appears to be offensive these days. Seinfeld has admitted that he hasn’t done a lot of college shows for a while simply because of the idea that people won’t find anything funny due to the nature f PC culture, which some argue is NOT killing comedy since the comedy it stands against needs to die anyway. The debate is something that is absolutely mind-blowing since some folks want to think that it doesn’t even exist. 

3. Chris Rock

Chris Rock is another comedian that won’t do college shows since the social views of the average college student appear to be so skewed these days that even trying to tell an inoffensive joke might actually irk the crowd. That’s when one can tell that we’ve entered a truly confusing and self-defeating era when telling a joke that’s not meant to be offensive to anyone can still find a critic or three based on the way it’s delivered and can still be unacceptable to other because it was given in the spirit of trying to keep everyone happy and from being offended. Seriously, one can apparently offend someone by trying to spare their feelings now. 

2. John Cleese

John was at least attempting to state that PC culture might have had the right idea when it started out to get rid of some of the more offensive material and clean up comedy in a way that might make it work for everyone. But as it tends to happen at times, this sparked a very negative movement that went from parsing out what’s offensive vs. what’s inoffensive to simply labeling everything as offensive. In other words, people started finding fault where there was none since their feelings allowed them to become so insanely hurt by the simplest jokes that they had to label everything as offensive. To be clear, people wanted to be offended so they found a reason to be. 

1. Dennis Miller

Dennis has never been the type to mince words when he wants to say something and he kind of hit the nail on the head when he stated that those who wanted to claim that they’re the most open-minded individuals when it comes to commenting on comedy are the most close-minded of all. That definitely works when describing those that want to censor and eliminate certain types of comedy but won’t say the same for other aspects of entertainment that they happen to like. 

Hey, if you’re going to censor any entertainment you might have to censor it all at one point. Or, better idea, don’t listen and don’t watch what you don’t like or agree with. 

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