A Captain America Without Superhuman Abilities Should be Interesting

There aren’t a whole lot of details when it comes to Captain America 4 yet, apart from the fact that Anthony Mackie will be returning, and apparently so will Sebastian Stan. What’s really interesting about this however is that when Cap returns, he won’t be the super-powered hero that everyone remembers. Thanks to the Disney+ show The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which are no longer the names that Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes will be going by, the story of the new Captain America has kicked off in a big way already and will continue to roll forward, but with one big difference. Captain America used to be able to take on a large range of opponents from the street-level to the cosmic in some cases. But Sam Wilson isn’t a super soldier, and doesn’t have the added strength, speed, and durability of his predecessor, meaning that if he tries to take on the same range of villains that he’s going to get his butt kicked more than a few times in the process. This is part of the plan apparently since it sounds as though Cap will be taking a few losses when he returns to toughen him up a bit and change his fighting style. 

That might sound a little unfair, but one has to take in the situation and understand how Steve Rogers came to be Captain America vs. how Sam Wilson became the next in line to take on the mantle. Rogers was even less capable than Wilson when he started out, and was seeking a way to serve his country however he could. Sam had already served his country by the time he became the Falcon, and he actually refused the serum, making the choice to remain who and what he was instead of becoming another super soldier. John Walker didn’t pass up the chance, but as Dr. Erskine managed to point out in the first Captain America movie, the serum couldn’t change who a person was on the inside, which was revealed, in Walker’s case, to be truly savage individual. It’s fair to think that Sam might have been the same person he is now, but he made that choice. 

So, we’re going to see Captain America get thrashed a bit when the next movie comes out, and it almost sounds too good to be true. To explain that, it’s been at least a little frustrating to see Cap just waltz through a lot of fights over the years since he’s super-strong, super-quick, and is highly skilled in multiple forms of combat. The only thing that’s really balanced him out over the years is that he still possesses average intelligence, which is nice to see since he’s never been a dummy, but he’s not as smart as Tony Stark or several other characters in the Marvel universe. Cap has also had his own issues now and then as a character since he’s not perfect and he’s not meant to be. But seeing Sam Wilson take on the mantle of Captain America had a lot of fans exclaiming to the rafters when the Disney+ show came to the finale, and it’s bound to happen that many people are going to want to see that kind of intensity again since while Sam doesn’t possess Steve’s strength or durability, he does have the kind of heart that he needs to figure out a way around a problem. 

It’s kind of nice to see that Bucky is going to be there as well, since the two have grown used to each other finally and have come to terms with the idea of who they are and who they’re meant to be. While they might never be anything but the odd couple that they’ve shown themselves as, this would probably keep a lot of people happy since the two men are very different and have led different lives. The fact that they’ve stuck around each other for this long is evidence that they might not be the best of friends, but they know that they can rely on each other when the time comes. It is interesting to think that Wakanda might still be a part of their lives since the Wakandans did have something to do with the series and one of the Dora Milaje even made it clear that they knew how to detach Bucky’s arm when they wanted. 

This makes it feel that Wakanda Forever and the next Captain America might still have a tenuous to strong relationship since there’s a good chance that the Wakandans and Bucky will be in touch and that there will be a need to either join forces or for one side to rely on the other. How that’s bound to develop is uncertain, but it does feel like something that is bound to happen at one point or another. 

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