Army of the Dead 2 Might Get Even Crazier

Army of the Dead 2 Might Get Even Crazier

Army of the Dead 2 Might Get Even Crazier

The level of excitement a person feels for the Army of the Dead sequel, Planet of the Dead, kind of depends on how an individual felt about the first movie since let’s be honest, some people loved it and some people were kind of on the fence. But Zack Snyder is apparently talking about time loops and bringing certain characters back for the second movie which is kind of interesting but also something that could backfire depending on how the movie is made. With enough people appreciating and enjoy the first movie though it’s easy to think that the second movie might draw enough people in without too much trouble. There’s already a good lead-in with the character Vanderohe since by the end of the first movie it was revealed that he’d been bitten by the alpha zombie, which could mean that he won’t become a completely mindless monster but will still be a huge danger in the sequel. Then there’s the matter of Dieter, the master thief and safecracker, who was stuck in the vault when the city of Las Vegas was bombed.

A lot of people are already wondering if he survived and what will mean for the movie if he did. Right now the movie is short on details, at least those that have been released, and it’s likely that we won’t hear a lot until the project really gets rolling. In the meantime we can keep going back to what’s already been released and wondering what it will meant if time loops are going to be introduced, and how crazy things might actually get. With the contagion traveling outside of the quarantine zone one can only imagine that things are going to get out of control rather quickly. There’s also the idea of how these zombies are are a little more diverse than most that people have seen since there are some that hibernate and there are others that operate at a higher capacity for independent thought than one might be used to seeing in the undead. 

The zombie king and queen made it possible to notice this since the whole idea of being able to communicate with each other and to birth a child that didn’t come to term but was still growing all the same is pretty creepy and offers up even more of an implied threat that would complicate the zombie story a bit. It does sound as though Zack Snyder might have gone on a rant at one point while putting the movie together, to which the writer that was listening simply agreed to. One thing to note about zombie movies is that a lot of people happen to love the classic tale of the undead rising from their graves or simply walking about after something catastrophic that is or isn’t purposeful has happened, but things have definitely changed over the years. At one point zombies used to shamble and slowly stalk their pretty in good numbers since what kept them moving was adept at spreading itself around through bites or scratches. But as the years went by, the mindless, reanimated dead would eventually be given a new look now and again  in order to keep people on their toes.

Once the zombies were made to move quickly, and in some cases to display some sort of intelligence, things became even more interesting since it was harder to run from them, and much harder to outsmart them. Games like Resident Evil and movies like the Dawn of the Dead remake and Zombieland have latched onto these ideas in a big way to help revolutionize the zombie movies that have come after. Army of the Dead is one of the results of the changes that have come along over the the years, as Zack Snyder leaned hard into some of the shared tropes that many people have used for these types of movies and created something that people have been enjoying and want to see more of in the years to come. How far he’ll go with this idea is hard to say since there is bound to be point when it will become a bit old and worn out, but perhaps it will be possible to back off and do something else and come back to it after a while. 

In the meantime, it does sound as though people are already getting excited about this prospect and will be looking forward to finding out more about this movie when given the chance. It might be a while before any worthwhile information comes along, but one can bet that a lot of people, including us, will be covering it as well as we can in order to keep the audience updated. There are a couple of main story lines that people are going to be paying attention to, but until we know how Snyder is setting things up we’ll have to wait and guess at what will happen. 


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