Twilight’s Alumni Confirm Their Vampire Days Are Done

Twilight’s Alumni Confirm Their Vampire Days Are Done
Twilight’s Alumni Confirm Their Vampire Days Are Done

As the sun sets on the Twilight saga, its stars have embarked on diverse paths, illuminating their careers with new roles and experiences. Today, let’s take a stroll through the careers of the Twilight alumni to see how they’ve confirmed that their days as vampires are indeed behind them.

Kristen Stewart Shines Beyond Bella

Kristen Stewart‘s evolution from the lovelorn Bella Swan to an actress of critical acclaim is nothing short of remarkable. Her post-Twilight trajectory has seen her become the first American actress to win a César award for her role in Clouds of Sils Maria. Stewart’s performances in films like Still Alice have been lauded for their nuance and depth. With a strategic selection of roles in indie films such as The Runaways, and blockbusters like Snow White and the Huntsman, she has shown a commitment to diversifying her acting portfolio. As she steps further away from her Twilight roots, Stewart continues to reclaim the promise that marked her early career.

Twilight’s Alumni Confirm Their Vampire Days Are Done

Robert Pattinson’s Artistic Leap

The journey of Robert Pattinson from the brooding Edward Cullen to roles in critically acclaimed films has been an intriguing one. Pattinson has been involved in projects like The Rover, Maps To The Stars, and has portrayed T.E. Lawrence in Werner Herzog’s Queen Of The Desert. His choice of roles demonstrates a desire to work with interesting filmmakers and stretch his acting capabilities. Pattinson’s decision to play Batman was an immediate yes, further showcasing his eagerness to explore varied and iconic characters beyond the vampire genre.

Taylor Lautner Navigating Post-Jacob Life

Taylor Lautner‘s career since playing Jacob Black has been a mix of highs and lows. While he enjoyed massive popularity during his Twilight days, his subsequent film choices like Abduction, Tracers, and The Ridiculous 6 have not garnered the same level of success. Lautner’s foray into romantic comedy with Valentine’s Day showed his willingness to diversify, but it seems he is still searching for that next defining role that will recapture audiences’ attention.

Twilight’s Alumni Confirm Their Vampire Days Are Done

Ashley Greene Embraces New Challenges

Famed for her portrayal of Alice Cullen, Ashley Greene has since taken on roles that push her beyond the supernatural realm of vampires. Her work in films like The Apparition, where she played a veterinary student haunted by spirits, highlights her readiness to tackle different genres. Despite her self-confessed aversion to horror, Greene’s participation in such films speaks volumes about her desire to grow as an actress, proving that there’s life after Alice.

Twilight’s Alumni Confirm Their Vampire Days Are Done

Kellan Lutz Explores New Horizons

Kellan Lutz, known for his role as Emmett Cullen, has continued to make strides both on-screen and off. His involvement in CBS’ FBI: Most Wanted is a testament to his ongoing commitment to acting. Off-screen, Lutz is embracing fatherhood, having announced the arrival of his first child with wife Brittany. His ability to balance personal growth with professional pursuits indicates a seamless transition from his vampire days into a well-rounded life journey.

In conclusion, the stars of Twilight have each taken unique paths since their days as immortal beings. From indie films to blockbusters and even into the realm of television, they’ve grown and evolved as actors, closing the chapter on their vampire roles with grace and determination. Their journeys remind us that even after the most defining roles, there is always another act waiting in the wings.

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