Why Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Should Return In Venom 3

Why Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Should Return In Venom 3
Why Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Should Return In Venom 3

Surprisingly, the Venom franchise has been the most successful in Sony’s Spider-Man spin-offs. However, there’s one missing element of the series that is desperately needed — Spider-Man. The reason Venom exists in the first place is to feed off the hate of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Whether you love or hate the spin-offs, there’s no denying that these films have felt off because of the lack of Venom’s true arch-rival. 

That’s how Venom was originally able to grow as a character because of his constant hatred of the masked crusader. He was able to work alongside Spider-Man in the comics. Though his hate for the character rarely faded away, there was a dimension given to the villain that allowed him to turn into an anti-hero. That’s mostly been missing in the Venom series, as there doesn’t feel like a primary objective for the character as a whole. Venom needs Spider-Man; that’s why it’s crucial that he’s the “villain” in the final installment of the Sony spin-off.

Why Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Should Be The One To Fight Venom

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man

There are three live-action incarnations of the latter. Tobey McGuire‘s version has already fought Venom in the third film. While it would be great if that storyline were given another chance, it would be best if the original characters tried to recapture that magic. That leaves Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield. The former doesn’t particularly need to fight Venom, though it would be cool if he did.

However, Garfield’s character is the more unpredictable route. Holland remains the future of the current character. So it’s highly doubtful that Sony would kill him off anytime soon. The only possible way that Holland’s Peter Parker would die is if they planned on introducing a live-action Miles Morales. It’s still a risky move as Holland’s incarnation of the character has been the most successful version financially.

Garfield deserves one more shot at playing Spider-Man. One more solo film would be ideal, but that would be a mistake because it would overexpose Spider-Man. Though Sony has had luck with the animated Into The Spider-Verse, oversaturating the market with the same character will do massive harm to the brand itself. On the flip side, bringing back Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in the Venom film can re-establish his character and finally give the former something meaningful to do.

Spider-Man vs. Venom Would Have Higher Stakes

Why Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Should Return In Venom 3

Since Garfield isn’t stable for the brand going forward (at least for now), that means his version of Spider-Man could actually be killed off. It could actually be a fitting swan song for Garfield’s Spider-Man. Of course, it does mean that they have to do his character justice. It’s rare that superheroes of Spider-Man’s nature die. This creates an unpredictable fight between the two foes. It’s not necessary that Spider-Man dies.

In fact, this could be a clever way of re-establishing that Andrew Garfield is back. This could even be a two-part saga that allows focus on Garfield’s character and what he has been up to since the death of Gwen Stacy. There are multiple ways to go about this in terms of Venom vs. Spider-Man, but given the statics of both characters in the current landscape, the stakes would be at an all-time high. This could create an unpredictable story that could take bold liberties with the Spider-Man/Venom rivalry.

It Could Also Be A Clever Way To Jump Start The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Why Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Should Return In Venom 3

As mentioned above, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man deserves at least one film. Ideally, this film would come after Tom Holland’s saga is done. However, if the plan is to make one final film with Andrew Garfield as the masked vigilante, then it would be OK to do The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Venom 3 can easily be a gateway for things to come in the final chapter.

It would be great to catch up with the character and his world ten-plus years later. This could be the two-part series mentioned above. This wouldn’t just benefit Spider-Man. It would help add layers to Venom’s character and only the possibilities for a different direction. Maybe Venom and Spider-Man end up working together like in the comics? Whatever the case may be, both characters could add to their legacy but go out with a strong two-part finale. Venom needs Spider-Man, and it would be a shame if these spin-offs don’t result in him fighting his ultimate foe.

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