What We Learned from The Trailer for “Echoes of Violence”

What We Learned from The Trailer for “Echoes of Violence”

Summer is always an exciting season as far as movies are concerned, and an upcoming film called Echoes of Violence is hoping to add to that excitement. The movie is directed by Nicholas Woods and stars Michaella Russell, Frank Oz, and Sam Anderson. Although it’s definitely not one of the most anticipated movies of the year, it’s still hoping to make a nice splash when it comes out on August 24. Now that the trailer has officially been released, people are getting the chance to get a better idea of what they can expect from the movie, and the internet has already started a little bit of a buzz. Keep reading to find out what we learned from the trailer for Echoes of Violence.

What Is Echoes of Violence About?

If you’re looking for a movie that is full of action, drama, and suspense, Echoes of Violence could be the perfect triple threat for you. The film, which is only Woods’ second project, follows a character named Marakya (Russell) who immigrated to the United States from Africa without proper documentation and got mixed up with a dirty immigration lawyer in the process.

The lawyer is actually using his practice as a front for a sex trafficking ring. After Marakya began to learn too much about his things were ran, the lawyer sent an associate to kill her. Throughout the movie, she attempts to fight for revenge while also exposing the lawyer’s illegal practices. The revenge theme is very evident in the movie and viewers will likely be on the edge of their seats as they watch things play out. Hopefully, the movie won’t be too predictable, though, which seems like a possibility based on the plot.

What We Got From The Trailer

The whole point of a movie trailer is to give viewers an idea of what the movie is going to be about without giving the entire story away. Unfortunately, the trailer for Echoes of Violence doesn’t really do a good job of that. After watching the trailer a handful of times, I still don’t feel like I have a good understanding of what was going on. I had to do additional research on the movie in order to figure out what was going on in the trailer.

While some people enjoy the suspense that comes from not having all of the details, I don’t typically enjoy seeing movies that leave me confused with the trailer. If anything, I’m actually less likely to see a movie with a bad trailer than I am to see a movie that I haven’t even seen the trailer for. Overall, the trailer just wasn’t that enticing. That said, there are also lots of people out there who may think that the trailer has more than enough information.

Additionally, it’s obvious from the trailer that the movie didn’t have the biggest budget. This, of course, isn’t a deal-breaker but if you’re expecting the bells and whistles that come with summer blockbuster movies, you won’t be getting that with this one. On top of that, most people won’t recognize the actors featured in the trailer, but again, this isn’t a bad thing. Although Echoes of Violence doesn’t have a superstar cast, it features some very talented people. If the movie turns out to be a huge success, it could potentially open more doors for them in the future.

What People Are Saying So Far?

Almost immediately after the trailer for Echoes of Violence was released on YouTube, people couldn’t resist sharing their comments. At the moment, lots of people seemed to be underwhelmed by the overall idea behind the movie and the trailer itself. A YouTuber user named dee dixon said, “That score sounds like Its to better than the movie itself.” While another user, That Guy, said:

“production Co. “please, it just doesnt make any sense to do this without a real story”…film idea guys: “listen, we just need money to film a ton of violence, we’ll figure out the rest later”…”

There were also a couple of other people who echoed the sentiment that the trailer was confusing. One person even joked that it looked like a Mercedes commercial. Still, it’s important that people don’t judge the movie too heavily based on the trailer. Seeing 90 seconds worth of clips probably isn’t an accurate depiction of what the entire movie has to offer. We’ll all just have to wait until the movie comes out to see if it deserves a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

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