Should We Even Bother Making a Wanted 2?

Should We Even Bother Making a Wanted 2?

Should We Even Bother Making a Wanted 2?

Those at MovieWeb tend to think that making Wanted 2 with the idea of Screenlife that director Timur Bekmambetov has come up with might be a good idea, but the actual process of making a Wanted sequel is kind of sketchy unless there’s a worth story behind it. Of course there’s always the idea of whether or not James McAvoy would want back in on the project or if there might be another similar story of the brotherhood elsewhere in the world since it’s easy to think that one location wouldn’t be the only place that this group could be found. If that’s not the case however, then one might have to wonder just what Wesley would have to look forward to after killing Sloan at the end of the first movie. The other assassins were dead and gone, as far as anyone knows, and this means that the conflict was over and done with. That would essentially mean no story and no real need to try and push anything further. But with the idea that the brotherhood had expanded in a big way it could be that the death of this one chapter might mean that Wesley now has a virtual host of assassins gunning for him and things would have to change in a big way. That of course would be where Screenlife would come in.

The idea of using phones, drones, laptops, and pretty much whatever else is available to maintain social distancing is what the general idea is for Wanted 2, though it’s likely that Timur will see some resistance on this if only because his idea that a modern assassin wouldn’t need a gun or to be in the same vicinity is kind of hard to sell from a realistic standpoint. From a cinematic view it’s great since the production that’s needed for a movie like this would be kind of difficult given that there are still a lot of limits that are going to be placed on actors when it comes to what they can do and how close they can be in a movie setting. But the fun thing about drones in a movie as far as assassins are concerned is that they are fairly useful and they can allow an assassin to deliver death from above or just around the corner without having to be any closer than the range needed for said drone. In reality proof of death would be a little more difficult if the target was notoriously hard to hit and it’s likely that a drone would be a simple target for some folks. But the idea of it is still fairly sound since it would allow actors to remain apart from one another and still complete a movie that might be kind of interesting since a lot of it would take place on a mobile device and therefore offer different points of view.

From a cinematic standpoint though, Wanted feels like it should have been a one and done type of movie since it put Wesley up against a group that had betrayed his father and were using him, the son, to take the most dangerous of them out since he thought like his father, trained like his father, and might have become every bit as good as Cross was in time. As it is he still managed to take out a good number of assassins on his own with an idea that was actually quite ingenious, rats strapped with bombs that could decimate the brotherhood’s headquarters and allow him to come in and mop up during the confusion. When it came time to face Sloan it was evident that his former mentor was going to have the upper hand, but thanks to Fox he was able to escape with his life and go looking for Sloan later. The fact that he kills Sloan at the end and there’s apparently no one left to come after him is a big reason why this movie should likely go without a sequel, but if one is being thought up at this point then there’s nothing else for it but to wonder just what direction Timur will be headed since the whole idea of Wanted was Wesley finding out who he was and where he fit in. Anything after that is going to be another tale that needs a lot of work and a great deal of imagination to make it come to life.

Assassin movies are a lot of fun really, even when they go beyond the norm and the laws of physics, but there still needs to be a set story that is going to propel them forward, otherwise the assassin can be come just as weakened as any other character by lack of any real development. Hopefully Timur will come up with a second movie that makes sense and that fits with the original.

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