If Avatar 2 Bombs at the Box Office Will James Cameron Consider Streaming?

If Avatar 2 Bombs at the Box Office Will James Cameron Consider Streaming?
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There’s only a little over a month before the wait for the next Avatar movie will be over, but it does sound as though James Cameron and several others are harboring doubts that this sequel might not be nearly as popular as the first movie. The idea that any sequel is going to top the original movie is kind of naive in a way, but hey, it does happen, and there’s always a fighting chance. One of the problems with Avatar, though, is that Cameron struck when the iron was hot, as the saying goes, and people needed something to believe in.

He gave that to them in a way that made a lot of people willing to stand up and proclaim that the movie was without any doubt a visual treat and a strong cry for…something. Seriously, a lot of people were so caught up in the emotional content of the movie that they simply reacted and didn’t really think about the parallels that were being drawn between this movie and real life. But now that the sequel has taken so long to arrive, it’s fair to think that people are simply tired and don’t want to rush to the defense of a movie that they might not be willing to see in the same light as the first.

Keep in mind a decade, and more has passed since the first movie. That’s a lot of time for people to grow up and change their minds about one issue or another. 

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It’s still rare that a sequel manages to top the original movie, but people keep trying. 

There are sequels out there that have surpassed the original in various ways, even if the original is still bound to be considered the best movie in any franchise. But the fact is that a sequel has a daunting task to perform when it arrives in the theaters. The first movie laid the groundwork, but the sequel needs to become its own story with the distinction of being attached to the original, or it needs to follow the first one in a seamless manner that won’t confuse a great number of fans.

This is one reason why Avatar 2 might flop because it would already appear that things have moved ahead far enough that a great deal of exposition is going to be needed. Even in a movie like Avatar, that could be tough to do since the time jump that’s obviously been experienced is going to need enough explanation that will satisfy the fans otherwise, it feels fair to say that a lot of people are going to wonder what’s going on. 

Bringing back the humans makes it feel as though it’s going to be roughly the same movie in a different location. 

The big hope appears to be that people will embrace the sequel just as readily as they did the first movie, but without a different enemy to face, it feels as though this movie will be more of the same since the humans are coming back with a new attempt to either avenge their loss or to try and find another natural resource to plunder.

The only thing that will be changing is the landscape, and while it’s been seen that this is going to offer up new challenges and new special effects that people are already talking about, it’s easy to think that it will be kind of the same premise as Jake and Neytiri attempt to save their family and fight off the wicked humans that are trying to change their way of life or eradicate them entirely. 

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One has to wonder if James Cameron would ever consider sending the sequels to streaming.  

The answer to this feels like it would be a resounding NO, but there’s always the chance that he could continue to follow his vision of a third and fourth movie if he lowered his expectations a bit and realized that a lot of people might end up watching the sequels if he didn’t expect them to be huge, blockbuster hits that would break the box office. If the second movie does well, and plenty of people still think it will, there’s always the chance that a third and fourth movie would serve to remind him that he isn’t known for making perfect, bulletproof hits with every attempt he makes. But it could be that sending his movies to streaming would be a great idea at one point. 

Are more sequels necessary? 

This has been a question since the mention of this sequel, and it’s still kind of a good question since one kind of has to wonder if there’s any more of Pandora that needs to be seen at this point. The first movie made such a huge impact that a lot of people were excited to hear about a sequel. But announcing parts 3 and 4 at the same time kind of soured the interest of a lot of people. 

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