The Five Best Sam Worthington Movies of His Career

The Five Best Sam Worthington Movies of His Career

The Five Best Sam Worthington Movies of His Career

Sam Worthington was kind of surprising when he showed up on the scene since he didn’t seem to have much of a range when it came to his acting ability. But lo and behold that lack of range in his facial expressions changed quickly and so did the overall tone of his ability. He proved very early on that he’s able to do far more than just get on screen and strike a pose or make a face that you’re supposed to divine meaning from, and while the remakes of Clash and Wrath of the Titans weren’t exactly well-received he did manage to shine in those as well as anything else he’s done. In fact even his stint in Terminator: Salvation was probably one of the best acts in the whole movie no matter how much fans and critics alike wanted to tear it apart. He’s the best part of a lot of films in all honesty, but at this point he hasn’t been enough to keep some of them from sinking, despite being a proven talent.

Here are some of his best movies.

5. Everest

It’s been continually said throughout history that if you want the ultimate then you need to be ready to pay the ultimate price. In 1996 a group of climbers paid that price unfortunately when they took on what, to some of them, should have been a less than daunting climb to the top of Mt. Everest, a climb that to an experienced climber is still one of the most treacherous and uncertain things left to do. But this wasn’t just a group of elite climbers, it was in fact a group made of both elite and amateur climbers that in all likelihood didn’t belong on the mountain but wanted to go up for the experience. It’s not fair to fault people for their lack of experience in the wake of such a disaster as this expedition turned out to be, but when taking on a natural wonder like Everest it’s easy to see how inexperience might prove to be ultimately fatal.

4. Hacksaw Ridge

No one ever really thinks about going into a war zone without a weapon in their hands, except one man. Considering this movie was based on a true story it was no doubt a great bit of confusion that led a lot of men to wonder about this singular soldier that refused to touch a rifle or any kind of weapon but turned out to be one of the greatest assets his unit ever had. He did manage to show that going into war didn’t need to be just about killing since he saved more people on his own than just about anyone else and showed that his heart was ultimately big enough to see him through even the most horrific moments of his life.

3. The Shack

Losing a child due to anything, no matter if it’s one’s fault or not, is a horrific experience that no parent should ever have to suffer through. But when Mack allows this to derail his life he received an anonymous letter in the mail one day inviting him to a run-down old shack. When he finds no one there he contemplates killing himself, but is then befriended by three strangers that take him into the cabin and their confidence. It’s there that he finds new purpose and a decidedly new outlook on life that could possibly turn things around and make it so that he can finally forgive himself and move on.

2. Man on a Ledge

Sometimes a man on a ledge is a legitimately upset individual that doesn’t think they have anything to live for and is just contemplating the moment when they’ll jump and end it all. But then there are those ultra-rare cases such as this in which the man is just a diversion for the heist that’s going on across the way that’s being executed to clear his name since he’s convicted and escaped felon. The whole story continues to unravel as the woman that’s sent to talk him down from the ledge gets one piece after another of the story, giving his accomplices time to find what they’re looking for and exonerate him finally.

1. Avatar

This was an absolute blockbuster when it came out and thanks to the effects, the acting, and the overall look of the movie it gained a great deal of support and fans that are more than willing to see the next one when it finally makes an appearance. Jake Sully is the type of character that people love to see since he’s obviously a grunt but his heart is still largely undecided when it comes to whether he’s going to help steamroll the natives to make way for progress, or if he’s going to join them and become something he’s never been in his life, a being with a real purpose.

Sam is the kind of reliable actor you get when you need a big name but also someone that will work as a part of the movie, not as a focal point.

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