Kate Walsh’s “Grey’s Anatomy” Comeback: Our Top Five Predictions

Kate Walsh’s “Grey’s Anatomy” Comeback: Our Top Five Predictions

Kate Walsh’s “Grey’s Anatomy” Comeback: Our Top Five Predictions

Back in the 2000s, Shonda Rhimes happened to be struck by a golden idea: “ What if there was a show about surgeons?” Being a surgical junkie, she set out t to make the best show she could. “ There was something really interesting about the idea of watching people who really didn’t’ know what they were doing, so, on a bad day, you killed somebody, and on a good day, you really saved a life. And there was something about the nature of competition, and about strong women, and about doctors who were not necessarily heroic all the time.” Rhimes said during an interview with the Paley Centre for Media. At her core, she was oddly fascinated with the fact that, in real life, doctors weren’t as heroic as we perceived them to be. So she let her characters be free and ‘do what I thought they would do’, and in turn, America fell in love with each one of them for years and counting.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Grey’s Anatomy scores 84% on the Tomatometer, with an average audience score of 77%. Mary Edwards, a fan of the show, writes: “I am so into it!!! I love all the characters, old and new. This is one of those shows that leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next…I have Netflix so I was able to start from the very beginning and watch up to the current show. I’ve done this twice and I still find some I’ve missed, so I’m glad I can go back to whatever episode I want. My favorites are Meredith Grey, of course, Derek Shepherd, they make quite the couple, Jackson and April keep it spicy as well. The best actress I can relate to is Catherine Avery. She says it like it is and so do I. I also think having several episodes about Covid-19 was very enlightening. What can I say? I’m a die-hard fan. I wish I could meet the cast, past and present…I’m 62 and this show keeps me alive. So for all of you who give your very best… I love you and thank you for giving me smiles, laughter, tears, and joy. This is the best show on TV.” One such character, that Rhimes managed to bring beautifully to life, is Dr. Addison Montgomery.

Dr. Addison Montgomery Through The Seasons

We first met Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) as Derek Shephard’s (Patrick Dempsey) alienated wife. Born to wealthy parents and coming from a medical background, Addison and Shephard met in medical school. Derek’s mother didn’t take a liking to Addison and preferred his second wife, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). The strain between Shepard and Addison grew tougher when Addison had an affair with Shephard’s best friend, Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), and got pregnant. Addison eventually had an abortion since, deep down, she had love left for Shephard. Shephard left Seattle to get away from the madness, and, when Sloan cheated on Addison, she too took to Seattle.

Addison first showed up at the first season’s finale, at the request of Dr. Richard Webber. Her attempts at reconciling with Shepard were futile, as he was still mad at her. Soon enough, the pair got back together, even though Shephard had already fallen for Meredith. What followed was a chain of love triangles involving Addison, Shephard, Grey, Mark, and eventually Alex. Things took a different turn when Addison decided to have a baby, and found herself moving to Los Angeles, a life whose storyline moved from Grey’s Anatomy to its spinoff, Private Practice. Private Practice aired until 2013, and Walsh made a handful of appearances on Grey’s Anatomy. Recently, it was announced that she would reprise her role.

Here are our top five predictions:

Did Someone Say ‘Drama’?

We can always trust Addison, despite being a highly respected surgeon, to not be short of drama. In the past, she had served as a couple of ‘What the Hell?’ moments. Like when the time she found out about Meredith and Shephard and breached the professional boundary by pinning Meredith’s unmentionables to the staff board.

Addison And Meredith Could Become Good Friends

Despite the drama between Meredith and Addison, both of them have one thing in common; the love they have for Shephard. Given that Shephard passed away as a result of a fatal car accident, Addison and Meredith could reunite and bond because of the loss they both share. The grief surrounding Shephard’s death may come to play, with Addison and Meredith having heart to hearts. Alternatively, this could go completely South, and have them at each other’s throats.

A Rekindled Friendship With Miranda Bailey

In the past Addison has made some friends, but more prominent was her friendship with Callie Torres and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson). With Torres out since the 12th season, it is likely that Bailey’s friendship with Addison will be evident in full force, probably more than an Addison- Meredith friendship. Besides, Bailey loves that Addison saves babies, and spots one of the best scents she’s smelled.

More Run-ins With Derek Shepard’s Family

On the 18th season, we are more likely to see dynamics of Addison’s relationship with her former in laws come to play. There’s a chance that she may have run-ins with Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) , Derek Shephard’s younger sister. Just like Meredith, these run-ins could go in the direction of complete resentment or unity by grief.

New Chief Of Surgery?

This season, the Meryl Streep of Maternal-Fetal Medicine will make a return with more ambition than we have ever seen before. Given that she’s one of the best surgeons ever, new position is likely to suit her. In the past she has served as Head of OB/GYN and as the head of Neonatal Surgery. Given her expertise and experience, she may take after Dr. Richard Webber, who was like a father figure. Either way, news of An Addison comeback was well received by fans, if Kate Walsh’s Instagram was anything to go by. Just like Pompeo, who wrote, “ Lets give them what they want…quality tv drama,” we are looking forward to experiencing Walsh’s magic once more.

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