Big Surprise During Super Bowl: ‘The Flash’ Trailer To Be Unveiled

We simply cannot deny the emotional rollercoaster that the DC Universe has put us through during these last few months. But we may have some pretty good news about The Flash which will be starring Ezra Miller.

Big Surprise During Super Bowl: ‘The Flash’ Trailer To Be Unveiled

Credit: The Flash

The Shocking Changes Made By James Gunn And Peter Safran

We’ll have to admit, that with the appointment of James Gunn and Peter Safran as the new heads of DC Studios, a new era has dawned for the entire DC Universe. Some of the changes that the two talents have made have been nothing but shocking. This includes the very disappointing news that the sensation Henry Cavill will no longer be our Superman. That was honestly a bitter pill to swallow because of his effortless success in the past years.

Then we got another bombshell that Black Adam 2 won’t be produced, and I have to admit, it was a major hit to all of Dwayne Johnson’s fans. But, as we all know, there’s always a silver lining to every dark cloud, and I believe “The Flash” brings to us our very first dose of excitement. All we have to do is suck it up and look forward to all the exciting films that are in store for 2023.

When Will The Flash Be Airing

We now have something to look forward to, and Ezra Miller will be at the center of it all. The Flash will be premiered in June next year, just six months away, but what had us all worried was the lack of marketing that was expected. But Warner Brothers knew exactly what they were doing, and I think the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Big Surprise During Super Bowl: ‘The Flash’ Trailer To Be Unveiled

Credit: The Flash

The Super Bowl

Warner Brothers just released the exciting news that they are planning to air the film’s very first trailer during Super Bowl LVII, which will be held on February 12, 2023. Where did we get this amazing news? Well, it was exclusively from The Wrap, a source you all can definitely trust. According to them, the epic multiverse’s trailer will then be shown in front of Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The Marvel Studio production will hit theaters the next week on Friday, February 17.

We Definitely Saw That Coming

Warner Brothers’ decision to air The Flash’s trailer was not really such a big surprise to all DC Universe fans. Well, this is because almost all superhero hits have had their trailers shown at the Super Bowl. You simply have to go big or go home, and what’s bigger than the “big game?”

We can even look at the first example, Batman Begins, way back in 2005. The stellar film had its ad shown during the Super Bowl and the same case to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which was aired this year.

What Will The Flash’s Trailer Show?

I’ll be honest with you, no one really knows at this point, but all will be cleared with the trailer. From other sources of marketing, however, we can tell that it was inspired by the Flashpoint comic storyline.

Big Surprise During Super Bowl: ‘The Flash’ Trailer To Be Unveiled

Credit: The Flash

In the comic, Barry Allen’s mother is in grave danger and he has to travel back in time to save her. This caused some pretty bad consequences as the DC timeline gets tampered with and he gets trapped. The world he got trapped in was one where Bruce Wayne had been killed. Martha Wayne was The Joker and Thomas Wayne became an evil Batman. Pretty intense.

We’re sure that the Wayne family won’t be added to The Flash. But we’ll see Ezra Miller in Tim Burton’s Batman universe. This is where he will meet with Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight.

Should We All Be Really Excited For The Flash

I’ll have to admit that since the teaser in 2021, the film has been clouded by a lot of things, say bad luck. Miller has had his own legal drama and Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman and Cavill’s superman were cut. Despite all these, we still have some pretty exciting things to expect from the multiverse adventure.

One we’ll be having Keaton’s return and most especially, Ben Affleck will be making a comeback. It will be aired in theaters on June 16, 2023, and we simply cannot wait for the Andy Muschietti production.

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