Here’s Where the Tinder Swindler Victims are Today

Here’s Where the Tinder Swindler Victims are Today

Here’s Where the Tinder Swindler Victims are Today

Every once in a while Netflix releases something that puts the entire internet in a chokehold. In February 2022, that something is a new documentary called The Tinder Swindler. The film centers around a man named Simon Leviev who manipulated women he met on Tinder into giving him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although stories about scammers certainly aren’t anything new, Simon’s is unique because he actually wined and dined his victims and made them believe that he was very wealthy. As a result, they genuinely believed he would pay them back when he asked for money. Little did they know, however, their relationships with Simon would turn into something more sinister than they ever could’ve imagined. Keep reading to find out what Simon Leviev’s victims are up to now.

Cecilie Fjellhøy

Cecilie Fjellhøy is easily one of the most memorable people from The Tinder Swindler. Not long after Simon and Cecilie matched on Tinder, he flew her out of the country and the two enjoyed a luxury vacation. It didn’t take Cecilie long to start developing strong feelings for Simon which made it much easier for way him to weasel his way into her wallet. Needless to say, when Simon asked Cecilie if he could borrow a large sum of money, she didn’t really hesitate to help him out – even though she couldn’t really afford to. Cecilie went as far as to take out a loan in order to give Simon the money he asked for, and she has now come to regret it. Dealing with Simon has had long-term consequences for Cecilie and she is still trying to put her life back together. According to her LinkedIn profile, Cecilie currently works as a UX designer. She is also the founder of an organization called the Action Reaction Foundation. to support victims of fraud and help prevent future incidents. She hopes that her experience can help other people avoid being scammed. Since the documentary’s release, Cecilie has also gotten lots of Instagram followers. Additionally, Cecilie and the rest of Simon’s victims have started a GoFundMe campaign to try to recoup some of their losses.

Pernilla Sjöholm

Unlike Cecilie, Pernilla Sjöholm was not in a romantic relationship with Simon. Although Simon and Pernilla met on Tinder, they ultimately decided to only be friends. Pernilla began going on trips with Simon and his girlfriend. Although Pernilla assumed that Simon was paying for their lavish trips with money from his family’s diamond business, the truth was that the loans Cecilie had taken out were funding Simon’s expensive lifestyle. Eventually, Pernilla also became one of Simon’s targets and he scammed her out of thousands of dollars. However, Pernilla also did what she could to get her money back and make Simon pay for what he did to her and others. Pernilla is still trying to recover from being scammed by Simon, but she is certainly in a better place. She has been doing lots of traveling and enjoying everything that life has to offer. Since the release of The Tinder Swindler, Pernilla has been enjoying her time in the spotlight and she has been using her platform to raise awareness of the realities of scamming. She now has 117,000 followers on Instagram and that number will probably continue to grow.

Ayleen Charlotte

Simon had gotten so good at frauding people that he appeared to be unstoppable. Perhaps he would’ve continued his wrath without any issues had it not been for Ayleen Charlotte. After Penilla and Cecilie teamed up to spread the word about Simon and his lies, Ayleen stumbled across their information. Ayleen, who was dating Simon at the time, realized that Simon was using the same tactics on her that he had used on the other two women. Instantly, she knew what she had to do. Ayleen was on a mission to make sure Simon paid for what he did. She worked with authorities to ensure that Simon was arrested. Unlike Simon’s other victims, Ayleen has chosen to stay low-key. She doesn’t appear to be active on social media and she hasn’t done any interviews. That said, it is believed that she lives in the Netherlands and is still working in the fashion industry.

What Happened to Simon Leviev?

Now that we’ve talked about what happened to his victims, you’re probably wondering what happened to The Tinder Swindler himself. Many people may be surprised to know that he is a free man. Although he was arrested in Greece after Ayleen’s hard work, Simon only served 15 months behind bars. Simon is not currently active on social media and he has been banned from Tinder.

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