What Might Happen if Elliott Page Replaces Ezra Miller as The Flash?

What Might Happen if Elliott Page Replaces Ezra Miller as The Flash?

What Might Happen if Elliott Page Replaces Ezra Miller as The Flash?

The initial response to the idea of replacing Ezra Miller with Elliot Page wasn’t too hard to guess, but it hasn’t been openly opposed by a wide number of people at this time. There are a couple of likely reasons for this, and only one of them is entirely positive. One is that people genuinely think that Elliot can create enough buzz for this role that it would be advantageous to have him in the next Flash movie that comes along if one ever does since it depends heavily on the success of the first one that has yet to release. Another opinion is that no one wants to say anything negative about this casting since that might be seen as transphobic and, well, that’s just the trendy thing to do these days since just about any action or set of words that doesn’t agree with such an idea would be labeled as transphobic. In other words, some would accept Elliot as a means of staying on the good side of the LGBTQIA+ community and avoiding a heated debate that might lead to them being canceled or otherwise singled out. 

The movie won’t be recast at this point. 

There’s already too much invested in The Flash movie as it stands to simply recast it and reshoot, as the faith that is rapidly dwindling in this movie is not being built up steadily by anyone, especially Miller, who has put the studio in hot water for keeping him. His antics in recent months have left a bad taste in the mouths of those that have been supporting him for so long, especially since he appeared to double down and managed to find himself in trouble again. Considering that Page has been seen as a positive and uplifting character over the past year it’s fair to think that his casting in The Flash if there is another movie, would be a good bet. 

Miller might not have much of a future if he doesn’t calm down. 

There’s a lot to be said about the hearsay that goes into the various cases that celebrities find themselves in, but one thing that needs to be said is that when it comes time for the celebs to justify their actions or at least give an explanation, too many people tend to get away with a large number of infractions that would get the average citizen locked up with humongous fines to pay. But with Miller, the piper might be getting paid when it comes to a serious loss of clout in Hollywood. But time will tell with this since apart from those who are hired to handle the PR concerns for various celebrities, some fans are willing to give their favorite celebrities the benefit of doubt no matter how obvious their guilt might be. This is Hollywood after all, where stars are placed on pedestals no matter how much they do or don’t want to be seen as ‘being above it all’. Whether Page replaces Miller or not is kind of the lesser point of this entire fiasco, but it’s being elevated in a way to keep people from thinking too much about how Miller appears to be self-destructing at this time. 

Between Ezra Miller and Amber Heard, the DCEU isn’t having a good time. 

That’s kind of an understatement since many people have come forward to denounce Amber Heard and her role as Mera in the upcoming Aquaman sequel, but folks have also been vocal about Miller and his continued presence in the DCEU. It’s not tough to think that DC is cutting Miller loose after the coming movie to make certain that fans don’t perform a mass exodus, but it’s hard to think that they’re going to turn their backs on him entirely. It’s possible that they might come back after the heat has died down entirely and with an offer to Miller of a return that can regain his status in a way that can’t miss. One of the many things that filmmakers, PR firms, and many others in Hollywood have learned over the years is that fans will rant and rave over one issue or another, but their memory will become faulty at some point and it’s then possible for a star that’s earned their ire to come back and gain redemption, whether they deserve it or not. 

Is Page good enough to take on the role of the Flash?

I know too well that there’s a lot of hate hiding behind this question since a great number of fans would probably want to fight if they saw this. But the truth is that while Page has managed to take on various action roles in a few movies, as well as several dramatic roles, this one still feels different. It’s not hard to think that Page might be able to pull this off, but thinking that it could be done without a single derogatory comment is hopeful at best and horribly naive at worst. 

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